So Much Drake | NEW MUSIC MONDAY #44


So Much Drake | NEW MUSIC MONDAY #44

Happy Monday! Start your week off with some new tunes, or more accurately, start your week off with some Drake!

"Actually Smiling" Geotic

Category: No Words, Just Right

"Blem" Drake

Category: Because I'm Obsessed With Drake

"Brand New Day" Redfoo

Category: Because Fresh Starts Are Awesome

"Chainsmoking" Jacob Banks

"Chasing Highs" Alma

"Deliverance" Rationale

"do re mi" Blackbear

Category: Break-Up Song of the Week

"Fall Apart" VVAVES

"Fortune" Only Girl

Category: Hi, I'm Obsessed

"Get It Together" Drake

Category: So Lounge-y

"Golden Youth (ft. Anjulie)" Leroy Styles

Category: Don't Wanna Get Serious

"I Miss You (feat. Bahari) [Acoustic]" Grey

"I'll Follow" Fancy Cars & Svrcina

"Light My Body Up (feat. Nick Minaj & Lil Wayne)" David Guetta

Category: I think I have a Nicki Minaj featured song on every playlist so far this year. She’s hustlin’

"make daddy proud" Blackbear

Category: Oh girl, you just got burned

"Passionfruit" Drake

Category: Best Song That Doesn’t Actually Mention the Song Name in the Song of the Week

"Slow Down Love (feat. Chelsea Cutler)" Louis The Child

Category: Best Use of Steel Drums

"Slurs" Petrie

"Song Goes Off" Trey Songz

"The One" The Chainsmokers

Category: Because I’ve lived a relationship like this, it’s kind of crazy to hear somebody else put it into words in a song

"Wild One (feat. Tep No)" Lucky Rose

Category: Countriest Non-Country Song





It's Monday, another playlist! Let me know what you think!!! Have a great week!

Love, Lindsey

"+1 (feat. Sam White) [Blonde Remix]" Martin Solveig

Category: Ok, I know this song is old, but I've never heard this remix before and I love it

"1 Night (feat. Charli XCX)" Mura Masa

Category: Best Use of a Harp & Steel Drums AT THE SAME DANG TIME

"3WW" alt-J

Category: Most Random

"All My Friends" Dermot Kennedy

Category: Best (seriously I am obsessed with this guy. If he doesn't make it huge, I'll be A.) surprised and B.) super disappointed)

"At My Best (feat. Hailee Steinfeld)" Machine Gun Kelly

Category: Best Use of a Random Marilyn Monroe Quote

"Bang Bang (feat. R. City, Selah Sue & Criag David) [Jay Pryor & Digital Farm Animals Remix]" DJ Fresh & Diplo

Category: Longest Name for a Song Ever and Because Diplo

"Better On Me (feat. Ty Dolla $ign)" Pitbull

Category: Ok, seriously a line in this song is, “I like when you put on them sexy one piece outfits with the hole in the middle” and I DIED. Like what? I guess using crotchless in a song lyric doesn’t fly, but hole in the middle? I effing can’t with you Pitbull. It’s such a good song, but every time I hear that part of the song, I laugh.

"Break My Heart" Hey Violet

Category: Angry Girl Break-Up Song of the Week

"Dare You (feat. Joeyyy)" Miny

Category: Best Call Out on Your BS Song

"Die Young" Sylvan Esso

Category: Most Morbid

"Dennis Rodman (feat. Dennis Rodman)" mansionz

Category: Dennis Rodman hittin' you with some life insight real quick

"Doin' Me" Mikey Mike

Category: FAVORITE SONG EVER IN THE HISTORY OF EVER. WHY AM I SO OBSESSED WITH THIS SONG? I don’t knowwwww, but with lyrics as beautiful as this: “I wanna spend all of my money on my friends and on drugs. I wanna ride around on a horse and give people hugs.” HOW CAN YOU NOT THINK THIS IS MAGICAL?

"Electric (feat. Khalid) [Marian Hill Remix]" Alina Baraz

Category: How good is Marian Hill?!

"Feeling Pretty Good" Deorro

Category: THROW YOUR HANDS UP... up up up

"Honeymoon Phase" TYSM

Category: Is this a break-up song? Or nah?

"immortal" Elley Duhé

Category: Profit Over Everything

"Let's Get French" Coco McQueen

Category: WTF is this? But I can't stop listening

"Lost Boys Life" Computer Games & Darren Criss

Category: Like the Darren Criss from Glee? Really? Cool. 

"Mama Say" Betty Who

"No Matter (Basic Tape vs Frances)" Basic Tape

"Real Thing" Zac Brown Band

Category: I love whiskey. 

"Roll Me Away (feat. Nat Lefkoff)" Jack Symes

Category: Most Chill

"Run Up (feat. PARTYNEXTDOOR & Nicki Minaj)" Major Lazer

Category: Because Diplo

"Runnin'" JOHN.k

Category: Secretlt Raunchiest (see if you can find the naughty lyric lol)

"Symphony (feat. Zara Larsson)" Clean Bandit

"TG4M" Zara Larsson

Category: Doubling Down on Zara Today

"Waterfall (feat. P!nk & Sia)" Stargate

"Woulda Left Me Too" Ryan Griffin


"You Won't Go It Alone" Andrew Galucki


Best of... OUR ENGAGEMENT PHOTOS | 3.22.17


Best of... OUR ENGAGEMENT PHOTOS | 3.22.17

It was so much fun shooting photos together to celebrate our engagement and to get an image to use for our Save the Dates! Brian and I were dying laughing, honestly! Trying to create images that look intimate is really hilarious. We basically kept our foreheads pressed together for 15 minutes at one point, but overall, I think the best images are the ones where we were genuinely laughing. Just enjoying eachothers' company. I love that we have such great memories to go along with the pictures!