Happy Monday! For some reason, this week's music is a little bit slower. A little more chill. It's just the luck of the draw I guess. Maybe I needed a little relaxation in my life :) I hope everyone has an amazing week and finds a minute to just sit and listen to some good music this week! Much Love, Lindsey

"Accelerate" Ciaran McMeeken

Category: Repeat It Like a F*^&ing Mantra

"Can't Get You Out of My Head" The Sweeplings

Category: Cover of the Week

"Closer (Shaun Fink Remix)" The Chainsmokers, Halsey

Category: SPARKLIEST Remix

Doesn’t this sound shiny? Like it’s sparkling? I love it.

"Can't Fight for Gold" Shayne Green

Category:  Most Likely To Grab My Attention While Brian is Watching TV

My Boyfriend was watching Deadliest Catch: Dungeon’s Cove and I wasn’t paying a lick of attention until this song came on and I spent 45 minutes trying to Google to figure out what it was. I finally found it by watching the credits in slomo. So good.

"Figures" Jessie Reyez

Category: Most Raw Emotion

"Flamethrower" K.A.M.

Category: Bad B^&%* Jam of the Week

"Fresh Eyes" Andy Grammer

Category: Catchiest

"Fux With the Boys (Remix)" Young & Divine

Category: Most Likely to Make Me Chuckle with the Title

"Home" Morgxn

Category: Most Likely to Make Me Clap My Hands

"I Met This Dude at Coachella (feat. Rykeyz)" Brezy

Category: Coachelliest

"Lights Down Low" Max

Category: Sexiest

"Not Above Love" AlunaGeorge

Category: Break-up Song of the Week

"Pray (Empty Gun)" Bishop Briggs

Category: Best Name

"Say You Won't Let Go" James Arthur

Category:  Most Romantic Way to Include the Lyrics “I held your hair back when you were throwing up”

"sex" EDEN

Category: Catchin' Feelings

"Stay Lit (feat. Adi Medici)" Ian Munro

Category:  Best Use of Random Noises to Create a Beat

Seriously the breakdown of this song sounds like someone just randomly walking around a garage full of shit and hitting stuff with a drumstick in an organized manner. 

"The Mack (feat. Mark Morrison & Fetty Wap)" Nevada

Category: Best Use of Fetty Wap

"waves (feat. Kacey Musgraves) [remix]" Miguel

Category: Best Addition of a Country Singer

"Wrong (feat. Eloy Smit)" Montis & Afreaux

Category:  Like a 70’s Disco EDM Party

"Your Love" Ferdin&nd

"WALLS" Kings of Leon

Category: Most Beautiful