Welcome to another installment of shit I want by Lindsey Bell. It's hard not to want new things every week so I feel if I express my wants I will either grow to love it so much that I just have to buy it, or I'll be over it and have moved on to new things by next Friday. There really is no tellin' with me. So, without further ado, some stuff.  

Walk in closet Inredning

I am in closet reorganization mode. Creating my dream closet is my goal for August. I set it pretty lofty, and this is before we booked our trip to Seattle for VloggerFair, where I will be losing a whole weekend of organizing time. That's going to make it a little harder, but no less do-able. I have my heart set on either making or buying a vanity rolling rack. I want to put together cute outfits for the week or just display amazing things that match my decor. Basically doing what I love to do at work, but in my own house.


This little guy kills me. I took one look at him and almost went puppy adopting immediately. I think he is photoshopped he's so perfect. Uhhhh.... why do dogs have to be so damn adorable. I want them all.


We are attending a wedding in Boston in September and I am starting to get nervous about finding a dress in time. I love the style of this one, but DO NOT want to be wearing white to a wedding, even if there is a black print on it. I just love long sleeves and structure in dresses.


This is my backup dress. It's navy, not too sexy and still has the fun little slit. It might be the one :)


Alright y'all, until next week, Much Love,