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Touring Life (6.25.14)


Touring Life (6.25.14)

Danny and I

Whoooohooooo! I am neck deep in touring life. It has been almost a week since I joined Warped Tour with Danny, and I still have four days left before I fly out. Quite the little stay in tour town :)  

My trip has been stellar so far, and I have never done a blog post about traveling, but I feel like now is for the best. I am in a Starbucks with solid internet and coffee, the band doesn't play until 4:45 PM today and there is an interview on the bus with the E! network so I had to head out on my own for a bit. This seems like the best time to document my trip so far.


Last Thursday I left Sarasota airport bright and early headed for Las Vegas. Little did I know that the biggest music festival in the US was also going on in Vegas this particular weekend, Electric Daisy Carnival. I met some interesting people on my way who obviously were huge fans of music, just not quite the We the Kings kind. Still fun though. I also took the most epic airport selfie.

McCarran International Airport Selfie :)

Gotta love that vlog stick :) In Vegas we went gambling (a little), bought Danny his first suit, ambushed an Urban Outfitters for new rompers and ate at the lovely Hofbrauhaus. We've now officially eaten in the original in Munich and the extra fun one in Vegas. Both were delightful.


The next day brought us to Pomona, CA where I went for a run through the hills and begged people to bring me Starbucks. Followed by a stop in San Fran where I visited with family and enjoyed the beautiful weather. We also found a fan's wallet and turned it in to the venue where she picked it up yesterday fully in tact! Good wallet karma for Danny :)

Then we were in Ventura followed by 2 days off in Los Angeles. We did a podcast for The Danny Duncan Show and visited with our good friend Jake from Mayday Parade, and his girlfriend, Jes. They're amazing.

Overall, tour life has been pretty fantastic. Lots of hanging with my boyfriend, shopping and even great luck finding frequent showers. I am starting to get a little homesick for my pup and bed though. We still have Vidcon ahead of us, as well as, three more shows before I skip town :)

I think my Warped Tour Do's and Don'ts still ring true from the original video I made>

But I do think there are a couple of things I could add:

#1 Deodorant: It's pretty obvious, but I just forgot to say it.

#2 Wet Wipes: Whether it's to wash your hands before lunch, clean a spill off of you, or when the Port-a-Potty is out of teepee, they definitely come in handy.

#3 Towel: If you're actually touring DO NOT forget a towel to shower with. I totally did and felt so silly the first time I showered and had to air dry.

Well everyone, I will catch up with you again soon.


Much Love,

Lindsey <3



DIY Festival Inspired Bleach Dyed Shorts! Spring has sprung! I can not believe that it is almost March and even all the Northerners and snowy parts of the world are preparing for their Spring Breaks and Holidays that can take them away to warmer weather, beaches and my favorite part of the warmer season... Music Festivals!

We the Kings made a huge announcement this week that they will be spending their June and July on America's beloved Vans Warped Tour. And I could not be more excited! Warped Tour is like a traveling, musical summer camp. BARBEQUES! PARTIES! VEGAN TOFU LASAGNA! Just a few things the tour is always known for. And for the first time I am planning on taking some time off work and trekking to a few of the stops myself.

Knowing me, my immediate first thought is what do I wear?

I decided to try my hand at bleach tie-dyeing some denim shorts to get my first taste of summer fashion. Check out the video to see how it turned out :)

Much Love, Lindsey Bell

Completed Shorts