I'm not the type of girl who has put much thought into a wedding. I've known for basically all of my adult life that Danny is the person I want to spend the rest of my life with and maybe it's because of that that I am in no hurry to plan anything. All I know is I want to throw a party where all my friends and family have the time of their lives eating amazing seafood caught in my backyard and drinking the best whiskey money can buy. Don't drink whiskey? GTFO (I'm just kidding, kind of.) 

These were the only thoughts I'd ever had about it until I came across these images recently. They called their rock n' roll Vegas elopement and it makes me so happy. I am so in love with these two. There's absolutely no way we would do this without our friends and family, but someday, I want images just like these. I love these two. And it's not just because of the pink hair. It's because they did whatever the hell they wanted. Someday, Danny and I will do the same. Hopefully this brightens up your Thursday as much as it did mine. 

Much Love, Linds