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Nerding Out Over iPhone 6 and Apple Watch


I missed the initial announcement showing because I was at Shore all day, but came home super excited to check out the Apple news from today. I will definitely be upgrading during the pre-sale on September 12th. I am going big or going home and getting the iPhone 6 Plus 64GB in GOLD. Can. Not. Wait. I am still rinky dinking around on my iPhone 5, not that it's bad, it's just so exciting to have something new. 

My favorite part of the new operating system and phone? The new iHealth app. I always get so excited to workout when I get new ways to track it. I am sure this will be no different. Will it be weird to workout holding what is essentially an iPad Mini? Maybe. Am I willing to look past that? Absolutely. I am also pretty excited to try out the new Apple Pay. The best decision I ever made was linking my credit cards to my phone in the Starbucks app. Even if I forget my wallet or lose a card, I always have some extra money handy on there and can grab a bite to eat. It has saved my ass from going the whole day hungry a good number of times. I also like the idea that Danny doesn't have to take out his wallet to pay and then potentially lose it. Keep that thing in your backpack and just pay with your phone babe. Less chance for mishaps. 

I am on the fence about Apple Watch. I think there is a rose gold one so that's cool, but I'm not losing my mind over it like Danny is. It's probably because it does not make it's grand entrance until 2015 sometime. So I have plenty of time to fall in love and need one or I'll die. Danny and I usually have to have his and her everything so I'm sure this will be no different. I am just such an immediate satisfaction person. 

Nothing like a new phone to get ya pumped up!!! 

Much Love,