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Lustful Fridays #15

The theme for this week's lusts are definitely DIY project ideas for our home. I am really honing in on the style I want and have found such cute ideas this week to bring it to life. Let me know what you think!

DIY Painted Plant Pots DIY Plant PotsHow cute are all of these painted clay pots?! I am obsessed with having plants growing in my house. So much so, that every holiday where gifts are given, someone always gets me a plant. I love the idea of making my own creative pieces and having them around the house to add color. My favorites are #2 and #9 with the gold accents. Here are all of the necessary bits to make them. Clay Pots (10 count), $9, Acrylic Paint Set, $18, Hot Pink Aquarium Gravel (1lb.), $10, Gold Spray Paint, $9. also need: painter's tape, paint brush and tinfoil. Just in case you're bored this weekend, this would be a fun project to welcome Spring.


FIRE PITIt's pretty rare for the weather to be chilly in Florida. We're lucky enough right now to be enjoying some absolutely beautiful weather. I would love to be hanging out at night, with friends around our own fire pit. This one is pretty and looks safe. Marshmallow Grilling Device, $127.



One thing we were absolutely missing during last weekend's Pirate Fest, was a gigantic pirate flag. This one is 3' x 5' and could be flown proudly, worn as a cape, or double as a blanket to lay on the grass with. I just feel like we should go more and more out every year. This $5 flag shows our support, while also being one of the least expensive things I've found on Amazon recently. Gotta love a good deal on pirate garb!



Valentine's Day is coming up soon. Danny, while a budding fashionista in his own right, really likes gifts to be things he can play with. He also really loves throwing some dice. So, I found these giant yard dice that would be a perfect little V-Day gift for him. Nothing too serious, and still definitely fun for when we have friends over. GIANT DICE, $50.



And as for me this Valentine's Day? I found these awesome little studs on sale 30% off! (Get them here, $48) I am a huge fan of studs and love the nautical theme of these. Now, I just have to convince Danny that I need more earrings!


Lustful Friday #15

Since I have been running so much in preparation for bikini season, it's about time to start looking for some new sneaks. I love orange/grey colored shoes, as noted by the pair shown in my post from Wednesday of this week Best Running Playlist. They've been good to me. I think it's only proper then to another pair that's similar. These will do nicely! Check them out here: Women's Nike 'Free Flyknit 4.0' Running Shoe


Lustful Fridays #15

I also found this lovely little romper today. So cute and romper are my favorite thing to wear. This is definitely a must-have. Women's ASTR Lace Trim Romper, $76

Have a lovely weekend loves, Lindsey





Finally, the return of the illustrious Lustful Fridays. I take a little time on Friday to add to my Amazon wishlist and blog about a bunch of stuff that I want, but don't necessarily need and may or may not buy myself in the future. So here's a quick run down of what caught my eye this week!

allsaints leather jacket

I've had my eye on this leather jacket form ALLSAINTS forever. It's on of those pieces that is needed in a wardrobe, but you have to seriously make it in life to be able to afford it. I would wear this everyday. Middle of summer, noon, still rocking it for at least the first year of owning it. Good news, there a bunch of styles on sale right now, bad news, the Conroy Leather Biker, the one I like, is not one of the ones on sale. This will probably stay on the wishlist until like Winter 2020. Check it out here: ALLSAINTS LEATHER JACKETS, $650


I'm obsessed with bar necklaces right now. I have one, but it's just plain. I'd love to have one like this that say Mr. King on it. Love that pup. Check it out here: Bar Necklace Personalized Bar Necklace 18k Gold Plated- Custom Made Any Name (16 Inches), $36.99

blanket scarf

I can no longer imagine a world without blanket scarves. These gigantic scarves are popping up on everyone. Possibly the best travel and winter weather companion, it is now fashionable to wrap a throw blanket around your neck and I am ok with it. The thing is, I definitely don't want to pay full sized blanket prices. The ones at Zara cost an arm and a leg. Luckily, I found them online for cheap. Gotta love the internet. Check it out here: BLOGGERS CHIC LARGE RED CAMEL NAVY GREEN PLAID CHECKED TARTAN SCARF WRAP SHAWL Z, $21


What I really want are the Chanel espadrilles, however, that is completely ridiculous. So, I found these Soludos espadrilles that are more within the budget. I know it's January and a little early to start thinking about summer styles for almost everyone, but I have the Florida excuse. My favorites are the striped ones! Check them out here: DAILYLOOK Women's, Soludos Sandal Espadrille, black, $48


Apparently I am all about comfy shoes right now. These Sam Edelman's are so cute and would be a lot better for our friends still experiencing cold temperatures. I just wouldn't suggest wearing them in the slush. Check them out here: Sam Edelman Women's Becker Fashion Sneaker, $108

mother denim

I am in desperate need of a pair of mid-rise, dark washed denim with no rips or holes in them. I found this brand, MOTHER denim, a couple of years ago and am loving the feel of their jeans. The material they use is called cotton cashmere and feels like an old pair of worn-in amazing jeans, but without the worn in look. The price, also not worn in. These puppies are pricey, but if I can't find anything I like more and know I would wear them ALL THE TIME, then I might be able to justify it. Check them out for yourself here: MOTHER Women's The Looker Skinny Jeans, $196

welcome stencil

I am always working on my home and finding pieces that can show my unique style. I usually buy about a piece per month, a rug here, some new dishes there and it is really all starting to come together. However, there are always new things that I am seeing that are perfect for my style. This "welcome mat" is one of those things. The homeowner used a Welcome stencil to spray paint it on their entryway. Considering our door is weirdly close to the ground and almost no rugs fit underneath it, this is a perfect move for us. We also have a little mud room that can take the bulk of the dirt from the outside. Best part about this, the stencil is $9.99 and you can reuse it over and over. Check it out here: Word Stencil - Welcome - Graceful 16 x 6, $9.99 WHITE BOOKCASELast, but not least, I need another stinkin' bookcase in the Tangerine Dream Room. This will be the third one used to house all of our merch and shipping accessories and I am in desperate straits without it. Organizing things is one of my favorite pastimes so I can't wait to get this in and set up. Check it out here: Coaster Home Furnishings Transitional Bookcase, White, $182

It's good be back blogging more. Tweet me or comment here and let me know what you guys think and what you want to hear about me!

Much Love, Lindsey




Time to buckle down and post about some shit I want!!!! I've missed you blog world. Can't wait to get some more posts up! Now, on to what I'm lusting after for this week! MERMAID PANTS

Mermaid pants! I think these are Nightcap Clothing lace pants, but I haven't been able to find the exact source of the picture. I still want them though. Especially in this color <3


This suit is a new one from Mara Hoffman for Resort '15. I am obsessed. I 100% will be buying this for myself. I love the high-neck style for swim, and really any other piece of clothing that I wear. I have heard a lot of people worried about the tanlines, but the truth is that I don't really tan much anymore. I put on SPF 9 million and just spray tan. So, tanline issues be damned!


Mermaid bathroom. We have the saddest bathroom ever. I am slowly putting together the plans (and money) to completely renovate the room. I love this and will have to figure out how to make it happen in my own bathroom.


Like mermaids, I am pretty pineapple obsessed. Give me all the pineapple things!!!


One new thing that I definitely want for fall is a good red lipstick. I am so nervous to wear any because I usually just wear chapstick, but I think it would be super fun to rock a red lip and vintage outfit and be all pin-up-ie for a night.


And last, but not least, I am so close to having pink hair. Once we hit 200k subscribers on our YouTube channel, I'll be taking the leap into pink! We are currently under 5k away and I am getting so so very excited! GIVE ME PINK HAIR OR GIVE ME DEATH!!!!


Much Love,



Lustful Fridays #2


Lustful Fridays #2


Fridays are my new favorite. At Shore, I am officially stepping down as a floor manager and moving away from managing the store. I have been being pulled in a lot of directions, but will now be concentrating just on the swimsuit buy and merchandising. I am most excited to be just doing the creative side of my job, but also am excited because I get a real work week! I'll have most Saturdays and Sundays off, no more late nights there until 11PM, and feel like a real grown adult. I think this calls for a celebration. Another reason Fridays are my favorite day of the week is because of my Lustful Fridays posts. Who doesn't love looking at all of their favorite things for the week? So we will keep the tradition going with some of my new favorite things.


These shorts are perfect for summer. I am loving bright, printed shorts mixed with a flowy tee right now. I mean I have always loved it because of comfort, but now I feel like there are so many awesome printed shorts to choose from, there's something for everyone. I've also been dressing them up a lot lately by either adding a casual wedge, a fun bootie, or dressier sandal. These are only $14.50 so I'm pretty sure they'll be in my closet in no time.

Screen shot 2014-05-01 at 3.54.34 PM

I am obsessed with Mikoh swim. We just started carrying this line at Shore and it has been an absolute hit. The material is from Indonesia and is the softest swim fabric I have ever felt. Don't let it's softness fool you though. The pieces are expertly crafted and can accentuate all of your positives, while not causing any unwanted bulging in your not so positive spots. The lines of this suit are so fun and sporty. Perfect for a paddleboard date. The problem though... the tan lines will be really silly. And at $100+ per piece do I really need another swimsuit and I have to have an occasion to wear it for?


I really love the look of crop tops with high waisted matching skirts. It's a great look for almost anyone. You just have to make sure you get the right fit so both pieces hit you at your smallest point. This can make it difficult finding a set that flatters you, but makes it fun when you finally find the right one. I love that these pieces are knitted, and even more, I love the open back detail. I would wear the crap out of this. Unfortunately though, I found this image on Pinterest and there is absolutely no information about the designer what so ever. We may never know where to find this little gem.


Valentino Rockstuds... You pricey little bastards, GET IN MY CLOSET. These little stinkers have been taunting me with their awesomeness for over a year now. It's pretty clear after seeing my obsession with the Alexander Wang bag last week, my boyfriend and now these Valentino's, I'm into studs. (Get it?) All jokes aside, the nudeness of these shoes, the pointy toe, and the studs for a little punk rock in your life... I love it all. Just like my Wang bag though, these would be a purchase that would pretty much drain my checking account for a few weeks or at the very least put me on a no buying anything else for 6 months regimen... That doesn't mean that Danny shouldn't buy them for our anniversary though.


POUFS! I love these. I want like 5 of them spread throughout my house so we have extra seating just in case. Poufs are the best.


And last but not least, I feel like I have been thinking a lot about getting another pup. It's not a great time right now because we are planning so much traveling in the next year, and that's not really fair to leave another dog with my parents so much. But every time I see a picture of a Frenchie I get all befuddled. At just about double the cost of my rockstuds initially, and then the monthly cost of the a small child, I would say this is hands down the most expensive item on the list. But definitely worth every dang penny. LOOK AT THAT FACE?!?!?