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Organizing a Small Closet

photo (3)I have been working on cleaning out this guest bedroom closet to make it my own little space since August 1st. I was finally able to get through all the junk with tons of trips to Goodwill and the trash can. I added a fresh coat of white paint and got to organizing. I work in retail and spend the majority of time merchandising and organizing the store so, I have a lot of experience making clothing look appealing. It only seemed fair that if I have to do it all day at work, I should also be able to do it at home. On the top shelf, I made sure to only put things that are either easily visible or not used very often. The two big Ikea boxes all the way to the left have old Halloween costume items and winter things such as gloves, hats and scarves (I won't use these in Florida until maybe January). Next to those is a basket of belts and hats. Accessories that are light and easy to bring down when needed. Followed by that, are my jeans folded so I can easily grab them and go. Next is an old wire shelf that have baskets from TJ Maxx on them. These baskets hold all my camera accessories, iPhone/iPad accessories, and another Tupperware filled with miscellaneous cords. To the far right, and not visible to the outside, are big Tupperware bins filled with mementos like baby clothes, pictures and tons of my old books.

Below the shelving is a long hanging rod to hang as many pieces as possible. I bought new felt hangers that are super thin so I can hang a surprisingly large amount of clothing. I also bought a velcro attached hanging cubby thing so I could fold some of my clothes down like sweaters (which either grow on hangers or take up a ton of space), sweatshirts and my workout clothes at the bottom. (I feel like if they're right out in the open I'll be more likely to put them on and go running!) For my shoes, I used a shoe rack so I could stack them all up behind each other. I also fit a set of wicker drawers where I had a little space left. It houses all my purses, shorts and bras in it. On top of that, is a basket of extra flip flops.

Overall, I think my new closet is a success. It definitely took longer than I had wanted, but sometimes going through old memories and trying to clean takes up more time than one would hope. I'm spending the next couple of days building my new furniture for the office area of the room. More pictures to come! I hope this helped gather some ideas on how to be more organized in your life.

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