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Sequins for Every Outfit this New Years!

Sequin Top

Sequins for Every Outfit this New Years!Keeping it casual this year? Fear not, there are sequins for you! This slouchy top looks great with denim and can be worn for tons of other girls nights and fun dinners throughout the year. Similar Style On Sale At!

Sequin Blazer

Sequins for Every Outfit this New Years!

A great jacket can get you a lot of places in life. Whenever I feel like my outfit is too casual, or boring, adding a third piece (i.e. a jacket, blazer, scarf, kimono, etc.) always makes it better. Sequin jackets aren't just for your grandmother anymore. They come in cute cuts and can spice up a t-shirt and jeans real quick. Similar Style Available At Buckle!

Sequin Pants

Sequins for Every Outfit this New Years!Sequin pants or leggings remind me of a mermaid. They are definitely making a statement, but still can be paired with a tank or t-shirt to keep you comfy and dancing all night. Or sitting on the floor like this girl did... Similar Style Available from!

Sequin Skirt

Sequins for Every Outfit this New Years!Now we're starting to get into pretty standard New Year's territory. What I love about this outfit, and the over-all trend for this year, is pairing a t-shirt with your sequins. It's been done before, but I feel like this year specifically I'm seeing it everywhere on Pinterest. Plus, this shirt is perfect. Similar Style Available At Urban Outfitters!

Sequin Shorts

Sequins for Every Outfit this New Years!

Perfect for Florida, there little hot shorts are so stinkin' cute. Add some tights though, and they're pretty winter friendly too. Similar Style Available At!

Sequin Maxi Skirt

Sequins for Every Outfit this New Years!

Feel like making a statement? Here's your in. I first saw this image just over a year ago and think that if I ever have anywhere truly amazing to go for New Year's, I'm definitely wearing this skirt... with a t-shirt of course :) Similar Style Available At!

I hope everyone has an amazing New Year's! I'm starting my healthy new me routine January 1st so take a peek back to join in and make a change in 2015! Much Love,


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