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SO MUCH ED SHEERAN | New Music Monday #41


SO MUCH ED SHEERAN | New Music Monday #41

I was all the way done with this week's playlist and then Ed Sheeran dropped divide and I had to make a few updates. As always, you can check the individual links to listen on Apple Music or the Spotify playlist is at the bottom! Happy listening :)

"Baby" Bakermat

Category: Favorite Cover

"Crazy Beautiful (Live)" Andy Grammer

Category: Happiest

"Drift" Benji Lewis

Category: Drifter Music

"Happy Being Miserable" New Found Glory

Category: Supporting the Bands of My Youth

"How Far I'll Go (From Moana)" Alessia Cara

Category: My Theme Song

"Machine" MisterWives

Category: Bada** B*tch Song of the Week

"Medley: Wake Me Up / Need Your Love (Mashup Remix)" D'Mixmasters

Category: Mashup of the Week

"No Lie (feat. Dua Lipa) [Sam Feldt Remix]" Sean Paul

Category: Most Lit

"Somethin About U" Astronomyy

Category: Most Laid Back

"Something Just Like This" The Chainsmokers & Coldplay

Category: The Only Reason to Listen to Coldplay

"Stay" Zedd & Alessia Cara

Category: Obsession of the Week

"Suit And Jacket" Judah & the Lion

Category: #TeamFollowYourDreams Anthem of the Week

"Sweet Child (feat. Gabbi Lieve)" Alex Cruz

Category: Cover That I Am Most Likely to Sing All the Time Like Karaoke

"Top of My Lungs (Extended Mix)" Max Vangeli & Databoy

Category: Best Reminder to Smell the Roses

"Turn Around (5,4,3,2,1) [Manufactured Superstars, Jquintel, Jeziel Quintel]" Flo Rida

Category: Booty Poppin-est

"Urban Photograph" Urban Cone

"What I Want" Ofenbach & Karlk

"Who Wants to Be Alone (Phillip D Remix) [feat. Nelly Furtado]" Tiesto

"Dive" Ed Sheeran

Category: Love Song of the Week

"Nancy Mulligan" Ed Sheeran

Category: Most Traditional

"Shape of You (Major Lazer Remix) [feat. Nyla & Kranium]" Ed Sheeran

Category: Because Diplo


26 SONGS DARKER | New Music Monday #39


26 SONGS DARKER | New Music Monday #39

The Fifty Shades Darker soundtrack made it's debut last Friday and obviously influenced my listening! It's weird because I don't love the books or the movies, but it's like Twilight... I just can't stop watching. (This is not a coincidence because Fifty Shades was originally Twilight fan fiction, but that is neither here nor there.) The point is the jams are darker and sexier than ever before... or at least since the last playlist :) Happy Monday y'all!

"Believer" Imagine Dragons

Category: Most Likely to Make You Bob Your Head to the Beat

"Birthday" JP Cooper

Category: Old School-iest

"Blaze" Nina Luna

Category: Best Use of an Organ

"Bom Bidi Bom" Nick Jonas & Nicki Minaj

Category: Least Likely Pairing of 2010

Seriously, if you would have told me when Nicki Minaj just hit the mainstream, during the reign of the Jonas Brothers, that Nick Jonas and Nicki would be doing a duet at some point I would have laughed in your face :)

"Burden" Foy Vance

Category: Most Thoughtful

"Cruise (feat. Andrew Jackson)" Kygo

"Cure" On Planets

"Digital Love (feat. Hailee Steinfeld)" Digital Farm Animals

Category: Most Likely to Swipe Right

"Face It (feat. Khazali)" Vuurwerk

Category: Break-Up Song of the Week

"Falling" Alesso

"Four Leaf Clover - Klowds Remix" Christian Hudson

Category: Sweetest

"Good Woman" La'Porsha Renae

Category: Best Revenge Song

"Goodbye (feat. Mat Kearney)" filous

"The Heat (I Wanna Dance With Somebody)" Ralph Felix & SDJM

Category: Cover of the Week

"Hostage" Griffin Oskar

Category: Most Relateable If You Have Ever Had a Controling and/or Manipulative Ex

"Just Words" Skout

Category: I Think Skout Might Be My Spirit Animal

"Lions" Skip Marley

Category: My Thoughts Exactly

"Love is Mystical" Cold War Kids

Category: Blast From the Past

"One Woman Man" John Legend

Category: Most Romantic

"Pray (feat. Rooty)" JRY

"Scared to be Lonely" Martin Garrix & Dua Lipa

"Shot Down" Khalid

"Thief" Ansel Elgort

Category: Most Likely to Confuse You

What is Shailene Woodley's love interest/brother doing making music? Which is even more confusing because why does he play her brother and her love interest? But the song's good, so that's cool. Go Ansel!

"Where's the Revolution?" Depeche Mode

Category: The Song of the Resistance (I Hope)

"White Noise (R3HAB Remix)" Ella Vos

"Wit U" Klyne


New Music Monday #28


New Music Monday #28

New Music Monday #28

Need You - Dillon Francis

"Need You (feat. DJ NGHTMRE)" Dillon Francis

Category: Spin Class Song of the Week

Can't Stop the Feeling - Justin Timberlake

"Can't Stop the Feeling" Justin Timberlake

Category: Trolliest

Dive - Salvatore

"Dive (feat. Enya & Alex Aris)" Salvatore Ganacci

Category: Best Use of Enya

Floral & Fading - Pierce the Veil

"Floral & Fading" Pierce the Veil

Category: A Weekly Nod to My Roots


Forever Cold - Smooth Hand Smith

"Forever Cold" Smooth Hound Smith

Category: A Little Bit of Country/Best Banjo of the Week

Freak - R3hab

"Freak (feat. Quintino)" R3hab

Category: Raunchiest of the Week

Golden Light - Madden

"Golden Light (feat. 6AM)" Madden

Category: Summer Anthem

Hotter Than Hell - Dua Lipa

"Hotter Than Hell" Dua Lipa

Category: On Fire... Literally

Lovin - Breathe Carolina

"Lovin (feat. Apek & Neon Hitch)" Breathe Carolina

Category: One of My Faves to Have Ever Toured With/Gotta Show Support

Me Too - Meghan Trainor

"Me Too" Meghan Trainor

Category: Dance Anthem of the Week

I danced to this in a vlog last week it is awesome: 

Rock Bottom, Let It Go, Colours

"Rock Bottom, Let It Go, Colors (Acoustic Mashup)" Kaya May & Landon Austin

Category: Best Mashup

Running Out - Matoma

"Running Out" Matoma

Category: Saddest Happy Sounding Song

Say It - Flume

"Say It (feat. Tove Lo)" Flume

Category: Hmmmm Hmm Hmmm

Till the Sun Comes Up - Gavin James

"Till the Sun Comes Up" Gavin James

Category: Piano Ballad of the Week

Ugly Heart - Thyra

"Ugly Heart" Thyra

Category: Acoustic of the Week


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"Bloom" The Paper Kites

Category: This is One of Those Songs That Makes You Think You Recognize It From a Movie or Something, But You Can’t Quite Put Your Finger On It. Maybe It’s Just Familiar Because It’s Good.


"Bring Back the Summer (feat. Oly)" Rain Man

Category: Because Songs About Summer Are the Best


"Come Back to Me (filous Remix) [feat. Tove Lo]" Urban Cone

Category: Catchiest


"Dancing On My Own" Sebastian McCarty

Category: Cover of the Week

Diamond Rangs - Sage Armstrong

"Diamond Rangs (feat. Bot)" Sage Armstrong

Category: Raunchiest

Fragile - Kygo

"Fragile (feat. Labrinth)" Kygo

Category:  Best Romantic Lyris of the Week, Also Best Clap It Out Section

Hymnals - Grizfolk

"Hymnals (RAC Mix)" Grizfolk

Category:  Best Job Turning a Two Syllable Word Into a Three Syllable Word

I Fell In Love Again - Andy Citrin

"I Fell In Love Again" Andy Citrin

Category:  Most Likely to Blow the Eff Up Tomorrow

IOU - Annabel Jones

"IOU" Annabel Jones

Category:  Because Cut Your Ass Loose are Probably the Best Lyrical Content Ever

Leave A Trace - Chvrches

"Leave a Trace (Goldroom Remix)" Chvrches

Category: Best Remix

Memory - Changed Habits

"Memory" Changed Habits

Category: Uncategorized

Nowhere - Frenship

"Nowhere" Frenship

Category: Chillest

Send My Love - Sofia Karlberg

"Send My Love (to Your New Lover)" Sofia Karlberg

Category:  Healthiest Break-Up Song

Stay - Joshua Wicker

"Stay" Joshua Wicker

Category:  Most Likely to Make Me Ball My Eyes Out

The Silver String - Saosin

"The Silver String" Saosin

Category:  Because Saosin is My Youth

Wild Excuses - Satellite Mode

"Wild Excuses" Satellite Mode

Category:  BA Chick Song of the Week

You Are My Sunshine - Morgane Stapleton

"You Are My Sunshine (with Chris Stapleton)" Morgane Stapleton

Category:  Music for the Soul

You & Me - Jill Baylon

"You & Me" Jill Baylon

Category: That Voice Tho

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New Music Monday #17

It's Monday y'all! I wish you strong coffee and patience today. In case you need a quick pick me up, I've got your back with some new tunes. I'm most excited about the new Mayday Parade album, but also pleasantly surprised with the EdSheeranxTheWeeknd duo and new AlunaGeorge. All worth checking out and giving yourself a break today. Love you guys! Send me your new music you love!

Twitter: @lindseybell

Instagram: @lindseybellbell

Snapchat: lindseybellbell

One of Them Will Destroy the Other (feat. Dan Lambton) - Mayday Parade


A lot of times I don't feel the need to comment on the music selections. I feel like the songs and the addition of my ridiculous categories speak for themselves. But this song and the upcoming new album from Mayday Parade (dropping October 9th) I am ridiculously excited about. I am a huge fan of this band and how far they have come. Give a listen to this new track and make sure to check out all their new music coming out <3

Say It - Tory Lanez

Category: Naughtiest R&B (except for the weekend)

All Falls Down - TOTEM

Category: The Lovie Doviest R&B of the Week

Writing's On the Wall - Sam Smith

Category: Most Likely to Cause Goosebumps

Dark Times (feat. Ed Sheeran) - The Weeknd

Category: Catchiest/Darkest Song of the Week

Walk (feat. Fetty Wap) - Kwabs

Category: Power Anthem of the Week / Best Fetty Wap

Drop You Like - Delax

Category: My Boyfriend's Favorite Song to Play Harmonica To

Automatic - ZHU x AlunaGeorge

Category: New Favorite Song

Runnin' (Lose It All) (feat. Beyoncé & Arrow Benjamin) - Naughty Boy

Category: Obligatory Beyoncé

Young & Stupid (feat. T.I.) - Travis Mills

Category: Most Changed (do you remember pink range & tattoos on her neck? when he still went by T.Mills?)

Let You Know - Shane Harte

Category: Catchy Pop Song of the Week

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New Music Mondaus #14

Whoo Monday Whoo!!! Said no one ever. Well, almost no one, because I always get genuinely excited about my New Music Monday posts. The best part of Monday for sure. This week it's going to get a little deep. Not in a bad way. It may sound kind of depressing, but it's just because I think I finally feel comfortable sharing some of the music that has helped me through this transition in my life for the last month and a half or so. It's kind of like baring my soul a little ya know? Music always helps :)

"Star Mile" - Joshua Radin

Category: The Saddest Ever

This is an oldie, but a goodie.

"Hold Me Down" - Halsey

Category: Powerful Chick with Turquoise Hair Song of the Week

I'm a fan of powerful women, and this Halsey chick seems like she's pretty rockin'. I just learned about her, but am excited to hear more of her stuff. 

"Learn to Love" - W. Darling

Category: Other Powerful Chick Song of the Week

Nothing better than a good powerful chick song :)

"Game of Thrones Theme (Armin Van Buuren Remix)" - Ramin Djawadi

Category: I Miss Jon Snow So Much That I Am Really Grasping At Straws For Things That Remind Me of Game of Thrones

This song is dumb, but I love it. 

"Eyes Shut" - Years & Years

Category: A Song for the YouTube Comments

"Nothing's gonna hurt me with my eyes shut..." Kind of how I go through life a little bit.

"Show Me Love (feat. Kimberly Anne) [EDX Remix]" - Sam Feldt

Category: Dance Party Jam of the Week

I love Sam Feldt. I put one of his songs on last week's playlist too. He's so hot right now apparently. Sometimes you just need a good song to dance to. 

"Feeling Good" - Ms. Lauryn Hill

Category: A Reminder About How Beautiful and Amazing Life Can Be

This song was good the first time, but I think Lauryn Hil did it some justice when bringing it back. It's just a happy song to remind you to be happy. 

"Bang Bang" - Lawrence Taylor

Category: More Songs for the Haters

A little blues guitar never hurt. 

"Clear As A Bell" - Ofelia K

Category: I'm A Bell

I just like it because it says 'bell' in it, but actually it has a lot of relevance to my life so that worked out right?

"Search Party" - Sam Bruno

Category: Because YouTube

And because it's a good song :)

"Love" - Jana Kramer

Category: Positive Love Vibes

So I don't necessarily believe the most important walk you'll take is the one down the aisle because graduation or like, I don't know other things along those lines seem pretty important. At least equally important ya know? But overall, the message in this song is super important to me. Thanks to Bianca Canonico for the suggestion :)