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Lustful Fridays #12

Happy Friday from Tampa International Airport! We are on our way to Boston for the wedding and I have a little time to write out some things I loved this week. Here goes nothin': alexander wang bag

First off, I found this lovely Alexander Wang bag on Eva Chen's Pinterest page. She's the editor of Lucky, has impeccable taste and takes some of the best Instagram pics ever. This bag is gorgeous. I think I am very minimalist at heart. I love neutrals and black. This might be my new aspire to bag. It's just hard to imagine spending the money on it. I guess I will just love it from afar for now <3


This little guy is more in my budget. Despite all my minimalist tendencies, I also gravitate toward statement pieces that add something interesting to any outfit. That's why I love Mara Hoffman so much (more on that later). I could be wearing a neutral outfit and add a funky bag to give it a little more personality. I love that.

littletattootori praver tat

I've been thinking a lot lately about getting some new ink. I only have my lip tattoo so far and wouldn't mind getting a little something. I have my heart set on getting it on my forearm-ish area and have it say something mermaid-y. These are two little ones that I think are perfect. Danny's not too fond of the idea, but I'm still holding on to hope he'll come around. Either way, I can do what I want, it just would be more fun if he was into it too.


Gabi, who is my partner in crime at work, pointed out how awesome burgundys look with my new pink hair. She even talked me into buying a new sweater yesterday just because it matched my hair. In our defense, it does look awesome. But now I want to wear dark reds and burgundys everywhere. Coincidentally, Urban Decay came out with their Naked3 palette pretty recently and it is chock full of bronzey reds, rose golds and in general, perfect colors for my skin tone and new hair color. I don't usually wear a lot of eyeshadow, but when in Rome right? I should be getting my first Naked palette early next week.

isabel marant sneakers

So I know that the sneaker wedge has been around for a little while and that it's probably about time for it to go out of style, but I just love it. I think it's so stinking cute and should probably bite the bullet and grab a pair for myself. These are Isabel Marant and are definitely not cheap, but I bet I can find something similar pretty easily that I will love just as much. Great shoes for Fall right?


This orange leather skirt has my heart. I have no idea where it's from, but it's tangerine dream-y for sure. I don't wear a lot of leather because Florida. But this doesn't seem so bad. I'm going to definitely be searching the racks for this in the upcoming months.

mermaidpillow aloha pillowWe are in desperate need for some funky pillows for our new couch (I know, first world probs). I love the couch itself, but it came with all these whack-ass throw pillows that match the "theme" of the couch. I think they're ugly and plan on slowly switching them out for more fun ones, such as these mermaid-ish pillows. Hopefully Danny won't notice hehe.


I am obsessed with these Janis Bells by Novella Royale. They're a cotton blend so super comfy and really stinkin' cute. We carry them in Shore, but they always sell out before I can get a pair. It won't happen this time though. As soon as the next round arrives, they're mine!


And last but not least, I put in Shore's order for Mara Hoffman's Spring Collection and I can't wait to get the shorter dress version of this jumpsuit. I love this print. Good job Mara!

Alright y'all, my plan for the weekend is to post as many pictures of Boston and wedding festivities as humanly possible. Keep an eye out and tell me what you think in the comments!

Much Love,