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New Music Mondays #8: HOUSE MUSIC TAKEOVER


New Music Mondays #8: HOUSE MUSIC TAKEOVER

New Music Mondays #8: HOUSE MUSIC TAKEOVER

This week I apparently had a serious hankering for some house music. Pretty much all the new songs I found this week are club songs, with the exception of just a few. Luckily, it's all I want to listen to when I go running anyways. Bass motivates me :)

Alyxx Dione - Chingalinga

"Chingalinga" Alyxx Dione

So this isn't exactly house music, but it's a good lead in song because it gets pretty cray from here on out. Nothing like a song title that's an onamonapia. Also, I'm still pretty stuck on Jason DeRulo. He's just such a good guilty pleasure. 

Masquer - Bills, Bills, Bills

"Bills, Bills, Bills" Masquer

This week's cover of the week features these two awkward bandmates. I think I like their style on their album cover more than I like their voices. Where do I buy a vest that bland colored yet, strongly patterned? And that blouse! Could the sleeves be any bigger? Not to mention the more Beyonce I can get in my life the better. 

Broiler - Wild Eyes

"Wild Eyes" Broiler

I love this song. It's mostly the saxophone that kicks ass throughout the entire thing, but also this gal's voice, Ravvel. I had to Google her to find anything out about her, but she looks cool. All good things. 

Disclosure - Bang That

"Bang That" Disclosure

I have been a big fan of Disclosure for a couple of years now. They are the masterminds who gave Sam Smith his huge start in the music biz. If you've never heard the acoustic version of their song "Latch" that Sam did, then you aren't living. Just happy to see them coming out with new tunes. 

Felix Jaehn - Ain't Nobody

"Ain't Nobody" Felix Jaehn

There's a lot of good things going on in this song. #1.) Felix Jaehn collaborated on my favorite cheerleading related song with Omi. #2.) Jasmine Thompson is my favorite cover girl. She sings a great "Stay" by Rihanna. #3.) Chaka Khan sang the original which is pretty cool. 

HOLYCHILD - Money All Around

"Money All Around" HOLYCHILD

The chorus to this song is so dang catchy. "I have my money all around..." You can't help, but get it caught in your head. It's good fluff music. It's not like re-inventing the wheel, it's just making you bob your head and sing along. 

SNBRN - Raindrops

"Raindrops" SNBRN

This plays all the time at Shore and it always makes me so happy. I'll be boppin' around while working. Songs like this make it easier to get through the work day. 

X Ambassadors - Renegades

"Renegades" X Ambassadors

The best part about this song is all the background singer noises. They hum during the chorus. They clap during the verses. They say, "HEY!" and, "nah nah nah". I always wanted to be like a hype girl back-up singer. No real singing involved just adding emotion to the song hahahaha. 

Yellow Claw - Till It Hurts

"Till It Hurts" Yellow Claw

I saw Yellow Claw last time I was in Vegas during a Mad Decent Block Party and am definitely a fan. Good stuff.

OG Maco - U Guessed It

Patrick Lentz - Pony

"Pony" Patrick Lentz

This is where we step away from the house music and step into more cover territory. I am mildly obsessed with making "Pony" my newest karaoke song. I posted a cover last week and now found another one. I am just so excited about the prospect of singing this ridiculously raunchy song in front of a bunch of people I don't know. 

JJ Grey & Mofo - The Sun is Shining Down

"The Sun is Shining Down" JJ Grey & Mofo

This is by no means a new song. I am pretty sure I bought this song on iTunes in 2008. But it was just featured on this season of House of Cards and I can totally understand why it's getting a rejuvenation of airplay. It's such a beautiful song. 

Well, what do we think? Good? Bad? Hate it? Love it? Write in the comments or tweet me (@lindseybell) and tell me what you think. Happy Monday Loves, Lindsey