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MTV Movie Awards 2015: FAVORITES

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MTV Movie Awards 2015: FAVORITES

The MTV Movie Awards is always such a fun event. It's one of those events where people just go to promote a new project and it's always just a party atmosphere. Luckily, that way everybody kind of steps out of the box and wears some fun outfits. Here are some of my faves :)

Michael B Jordan Plaid Suit


I love a good funky suit on a guy. The colors are weird. The plaid on plaid makes me a little nauseous. But, I still love it. Great job making your attendance known MBJ. Also, can I just say that I watched That Awkward Moment recently and really enjoyed it? Maybe it's because I'm mildly obsessed with Miles Teller... but it also might be because I imagine people walking up to Michael B. Jordan on the street asking him if his wiener looks like a snowman nose all the time. If you haven't seen the movie, you probably should check it out for an eyeroll and chuckle. 


Scar Jo

SCAR JO in Zuhair Murad

I also love a good jumpsuit. Romper, Jumpers, Pantsuits... These are my fashion life. Not to mention Scar had a kid in the last year and looks amazing. She's totally channeling Claire Underwood from House of Cards and I can see how this outfit could look a little "old". But I think she's rocking it and looks amazing. 


Miles Teller

MILES TELLER in the jacket I wore the other day

Seriously I have this jacket in grey. Miles and I are basically best fashion friends then. I really like him. I love how much of an ass he gets to act in movies and the fact that he's a drummer is pretty cool too. Lookin' good Teller. 


Anna Camp

ANNA CAMP in Peter Pilotto

I love this dress! It's a rareity for me to actually see something at award shows that I think, "I would wear that in real life!" I have a Peter Pilotto from Target piece that came out last year, but it might be time to think about upgrading and grabbing a dress from his collection. Perhaps for Hunter and Caitlin's upcoming wedding? 


Bai Ling Dragon

BAI LING in an effing dragon

I was JUST talking about how I needed a dragon outfit for the Game of Thrones premiere and enter Bai Ling with everything I need in life. I don't know how I feel about the skirt, but the whole dragon get up on top... Need this in my life. Leave it to Bai Ling to make it statement.

Any favorites on the list that I missed? Write in the comments or tweet me! (@lindseybell)

Much Love, Linds

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