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NEW MUSIC MONDAY #20: Some New and Some Old

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NEW MUSIC MONDAY #20: Some New and Some Old

RIP David Bowie

HOLY CRAP!!! The 20th installment of Lindsey Bell's New Music Monday is here! I honestly can't believe I've only done 20 of these. I really need to make sure I'm doing them every Monday because music really does bring me the most joy in life. Check out my spotify playist at the bottom or user: lindseybbell.


 RIP David Bowie, you're uniqueness and music will live forever. 

Girls Love Toast - The Hold Up

"Girls Love Toast" The Holdup

Category: Most Likely to Make Me Laugh Because of the Lyrics

Billie Jean - EDEN

"Billie Jean" Eden

Category: Cover of the Week

Atlas - Les Gordon

"Atlas" Les Gordon

Category: I Have No Idea What the Girl is Singing But Still Love It

Set On Fire - Magic Giant

"Set On Fire" Magic Giant

Category: Best Use of Banjo

Faded - Alan Walker

"Faded" Alan Walker

Category: Saddest Piano

Wrong - MAX

"Wrong (feat Lil Uzi Vert)" MAX

Category: Raunchiest

Niykee Heaton - Brewski

"Niykee Heaton" Brewski

Category: Hoodest

Hope - Tim Legend

"Hope (feat BR/\VE)" Tim Legend

Category: Because Lips Like a Sunset Sound Awesome

Cheap Thrills - Sia

"Cheap Thrills" Sia

Category: Sia is Amazing

Takes My Body Higher - Shoffy

"Takes My Body Higher (feat Lincoln Jesser)" Shoffy

Category: Best of House

Don't Threaten Me With a Good Time - Panic! At the Disco

"Don't Threaten Me With a Good Time" Panic! At the Disco

Category: My Favorite Saying

Rise - Tom Francis

"Rise" Tom Francis

Category: Most Inspirational

Kings of Summer - ayokay

"Kings of Summer (feat Quinn XCII)" ayokay

Category: Song of Summer 2016 (Too Soon?)

Girl on Girl - Mightyfools

"Girl on Girl" Mightyfools

Category: Twerk Anthem of the Week

Heroes - David Bowie

"Heroes" David Bowie

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