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HAPPY MONDAY Y'ALL!!!! It's been the craziest week ever, and I am a little late to post this today. I am no less excited though. I found some songs this week that really helped me get through all the craziness. I was a gaint ball of nerves and one of the only things to calm me down is some new music. There's even a song with a banjo in it! If that's not soothing, I'm not sure what is? I'm just kidding, a banjo isn't soothing at all, but it is fun!!!

2 Heads - Coleman Hell

"2 Heads" - Coleman Hell

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Not since "Cotton-Eyed Joe" has a techno song had such a great banjo part in it. Seriously though, it's probably pretty hard to add a banjo into contemporary, American, pop/techno music and not make it cheesy. Somehow Coleman Hell has managed to do just that, and made me a fan in the process. Bring on more banjo in songs please!

Dreaming - Small Pools

"Dreaming" - Small Pools

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Danny is obsessed with this band. This is one of the first new bands in a while that I have heard him actually say he wants to see live. They remind me of a more upbeat The 1975. You can tell that they're a very talented band musically, but they've also written some awesomely catchy music. It's a good combo. Plus look at the album cover and that little pup. So stinkin' cute.

Favorite Line: "We've got no place to go. Caught up in the rodeo." 

Entropy - Grimes, Bleachers

"Entropy" - Grimes x Bleachers

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This is not the actual album art for this song, but it's a picture of Bleachers and Grimes who made it. Grimes has some of the best slightly pink bangs in the biz so I used this pic just to look at them. I miss my pink hair and knowing what my next year has in store, I won't have it back any time soon. I'll definitely be doing it again though. This song is for the new season of Girls on HBO, and from what I've read, is or will be featured during a party scene in the series. I'm all about girl singers right now and am glad to add Grimes to the list of ones to watch out for.

Hold Me Up - Conrad Sewell

"Hold Me Up" - Conrad Sewell

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This is a song I showed Billy Burke (Danny's co-host on the Danny Duncan Show Podcast if you're not in the know) and he's obsessed with it. So much so that I was forced to give it another listen. It's pretty dang good. What's most unique about it is ole' Conrad's voice. He can hit some high notes for sure. The whole song is super upbeat and fun. A good one to brighten your day :)

I See Fire - Jasmine Thompson

"I See Fire" - Jasmine Thompson

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This is a beautiful song. It's oiginally off of Ed Sheeran's newest album, but this cover by Jasmine Thompson is to die for. I wish I was still dancing competitively so I could make up a dance to this song. There's so much passion and emotion behind the lyrics. So beautiful. 

Shut Up and Dance - Walk the Moon

"Shut Up and Dance" - Walk the Moon

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This has basically been my theme song for the last week. Just shut up and dance is basically all I've told myself haha. I love how fun this song is. It oozes positives vibes and good times. Plus the guy on the cover looks like Vanilla Ice. Is Vanilla Ice in this band? That only make it more awesome! (Spoiler Alert: It's not really Vanilla Ice *sad face*)

Talking Body - Tove Lo

"Talking Body" - Tove Lo

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I've been fighting liking this song, but I just can't help it. Tove Lo blew up last year with her song "Habits". There was about a million remixes it seemed like, and in my opinion, the more of the song that was removed (i.e. the line: "Binge on all the twinkies. Throw up in the tub then I go to sleep"), the better it got. This new one though, still has the catchiness of "Habits", but brings a little more to the table lyrically. Although my favorite line is the least-romantic romantic line ever: "If you love me right, we f**k for life". It' still pretty silly.

Hold My Hand - Jess Glynne

"Hold My Hand" Jess Glynne

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I love the begininng of this song the most. The oh ah oh ohs are my favorite. And the piano. This is such a good running song too.

American You - Yelawolf

"American You" - Yelawolf

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This song came out of nowhere and I love it. It fits in well with the banjo theme of today's post, but it's like a rap-country song. I feel like I've listened to Yelawolf before and liked it, but it never has ever sounded like this. It kind of reminds me of a guilty pleasure Kid Rock song, but I'm so glad that I don't have to say I actually like a Kid Rock song. It feels much better to say I really like a Yelawolf song :)

Roll the Bass - Major Lazer

"Roll the Bass" - Major Lazer

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As this week's song by Diplo, his alter ego Major Lazer makes an appearance. How does Diplo keep coming out with new music every week to make this list? It's kind of mindblowing really. I know it's been under his different project's: Diplo, Jackü, etc. But it's a serious feat to just keep pumping out music. And I actually like it usually. Great job Dip. 

With that we are started on the journey of another cray cray week. Keep your heads on straight and have some fun guys! Tweet or comment any songs you love or hate or whatever. 

Much Love, Lindsey