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UPPAbaby VISTA Review

UPPAbaby Vista Review

We’ve had our new UPPAbaby VISTA stroller for about a month now. A significant amount of time to be able to test out all the features and truly make a decision on how we feel about it. Honestly, I am so impressed. A number of people reached out to get my opinion about the stroller, so I wanted to go ahead and share my approval here.

The Specs

UPPAbaby VISTA 2019

Color: BRYCE - White Marl solid, on a silver Vista frame, and "Chestnut" (dark brownish) leather accents


Top 3 Favorite Things for Parents

I want my kid to be comfortable, but it can’t be all about them! These are the top 3 features I found the most helpful to me:

  1. Adjustable Handle Height: I have a herniated disc in my neck that has been giving me a ton of trouble since my pregnancy. It sounds so silly, but being able to adjust the handle height so that my arms rest in a way that doesn’t put strain on my neck is a game changer. This is a feature I didn’t even know I wanted and it’s been the biggest positive change for me personally.

  2. Storage Capacity: The backpack style diaper bag I use for Parx is awesome, but it also takes up a ton of space. I always had trouble in the past getting it to fit in stroller storage baskets, so the fact that I can fit the bag with plenty of room for extra stuff is a huge plus for me.

  3. Machine Washable Fabrics: It’s easy to remove the soiled piece and throw it in the wash when needed. My kid is a mess and I have an affinity for white fabrics, so this is a dream come true for me.

Top 3 Favorite Things for the Kiddos

They are the ones who have to ride in it. Here’s some things Parx loves:

  1. Fully Reclining Seat: Despite having a child that wakes up every morning before 7am, I still wouldn’t say I am a morning person. More often than not, we have the timely choice of either sitting down to have a bottle after breakfast or walking the dogs. The dogs have lost out a few times, but Parx has also taken a bottle in his car seat usually ending in a formula shower at some point. Now that we have a fully reclining stroller though, we have a fun morning ritual of Parx taking his bottle while we walk the dogs. He’s reclined enough that he doesn’t have to work to hold the bottle up and since he’s his mother’s son, aka also not a morning person, this is a much appreciated addition to his morning.

  2. Rides Like Butter: Seriously this thing is smooth. There’s not much more to say here other than it lives up to its reputation.

  3. Forward or Rear Facing Seat: Just like his Daddy, Parx is a bit of a red head. He is pretty sensitive to the sun and absolutely hates when its in his eyes. Because of this, depending on where the sun is in the sky, we can switch which way he faces to keep him out of direct sunlight. BONUS: There’s also a SPF 50 sunshade for my little ginger.

Park at the Aquarium
Bottles and a Stroll

Overall, the UPPAbaby VISTA is hands down the best stroller I’ve used. I knew that when I got it, but it’s also been great to find how useful it’s been to our every day life. Being a mom is tough sometimes so if there’s anything I have learned in Parx’s first year, it’s to get the thing that makes your life easier. It’s been totally worth it so far.


The Best Baby Stuff


The Best Baby Stuff

Parx has hit the seven month milestone, I’ve gone back to work and we’ve had a sufficient amount of time to decide what’s worked best. What could I not live without? What could Parx not live without? And what has been our all time favorite baby stuff.

Owlet Smart Sock 2, $299.99

Why does this come first? Because I am a much more chill mom when Parx is sleeping with this monitor on. I really appreciate that I can open my phone and see his heart rate and oxygen levels. It’s basically an Apple Watch for your baby and as a tech nerd, I’m here for it.

Available at BuyBuyBaby and Target

Skip Hop Moonlight & Melodies Owl Nightlight Soother, $39.99

Maybe you have a super quiet house? We definitely do not. My husband hosts all his friends over for Xbox FIFA games a couple of times a week from about 8-11pm or much later on weekends. I love having all the guys at our house and needed to find a way to disguise the friendly competitive banter from my sleeping baby. Enter the sound of waves. He loves it.

Available at Target , Amazon and BuyBuyBaby

Target Cloud Onesies, $12.99 for a pack of 3

I don’t care where you live, it’s cold in your house at night most of the time. Even in Florida, it’s chilly inside. Now compound that with being unable to use a blanket and you would want some footy jammies too! The black and white ones are my favorite on Parx. He owns them in a few sizes now.

Available at Target

Skip Hop Greenwich Diaper Backpack, starting at $79.99

When your hands are full, you don’t want to be lugging around a shoulder bag. This back pack is super durable and at least a little bit cute. I got mine in my favorite color, olive green, to match Parx’s nursery.

Available at Amazon, Target, and BuyBuyBaby

Dockatot, starting at $175

Not only super cute, Parx’s Dockatot was a handy accessory. I heard great things from other moms, but had a hard time getting over the pricepoint at first. Then I was gifted a beautiful, marble-printed Dock and just fell in love with it. We knew we would be traveling a bit during Parx’s first few months, so I decided to get him used to sleeping in the Dockatot so he would have the same place to sleep whether he was in a Pack ‘N’ Play, crib, on the floor, across our legs in an airplane, etc. This was a lifesaver. The only downside is that there is some controversy around how safe it is for the baby to sleep unattended aka when you are also sleeping. I did not have any issues with this because my son has wide shoulders and fit snuggly. But, I was also thankful to have the Owlet as a backup.

Available at Target, Amazon and BuyBuyBaby

UPPABaby Vista, starting at $809

I did not buy this stroller. I just couldn’t do it with that price tag and I’m having some regrets. We already know that we would like to have another baby soon and I love how the Vista can accommodate different seats, you can organize them how you like and you have some options. I love our infant carseat, the Chicco Keyfit 30, which is compatible with the Vista, so I think I’ll make the jump to the Vista once the next baby becomes a reality. No complaints about the Chicco Keyfit Travelsystem, I just really love the flexibility of the UPPABaby.

UPPABaby Vista available at Nordstrom, BuyBuyBaby and Amazon

Chicco Viaro Travel System available at Target, Amazon and BuyBuyBaby

What have been your baby must haves? We’re starting to think about baby #2. Any suggestions for two under two? This mom stuff is a blast, but it helps to go into it prepared.



Parx Peacock is Two Months Old!

In honor of celebrating two months since Parx's birth,  I wanted to get some of my favorite pictures together to remember how much I have loved these first few months. I don't ever want to forget how wonderful it felt to be a new mom. There are hard times, but the amazing times by far outweigh the 3AM cry seshes. 

I know every mom probably thinks theirs is the greatest child ever so you may say I'm biased, but I think Parx is the most perfect little baby. I can't believe how amazing he is. I'm so excited to continue to watch him grow. Here's some of the best moments we caught throughout these first two months. 

Parx Peacock - Birth
Parx & Brian - Birth
Parx Peacock - New Born

I had a pretty easy birth. I was induced on my due date, May 9th, and we ended up having a c-section on May 10th. Parx's foot was stuck in the umbilical cord. Our favorite analogy was that he was ready to head out to sea, but was still tied to the dock. The surgery was quick and Parx made his debut at 6:35pm. 

Parx, Brian & I

Poncho Peacock

A friend from work made this awesome Poncho Peacock onesie. It's so funny that we called him Poncho as a joke for months before he was born, but once he was here, he's 100% just been Parx. 

Parx Peacock - New Born
Parx, Brian & I

Parx Peacock - First Night Home
Parx Peacock - gettin' a tan
Parx Peacock - 2nd Day Home

We were discharged just in time for Mother's Day. Parx had elevated bilirubin levels, aka jaundice, so we were tasked with getting him a little bit of sun to help the levels become normal. We learned right away that he loved being outside especially on walks around the neighborhood. 

Parx Peacock - 1 week old
Parx Peacock - 1 week old
Parx Peacock - 1 week old

Parx & Chloe
Parx Peacock - 2 weeks old
Parx & Darce
Parx & Brian
Parx - 3 weeks old
Parx - first bath

Parx Peacock - 4 weeks old
Parx - 4 weeks old
Parx - 4 weeks old
Parx's first trip to the beach
Parx - 5 weeks old

Parx took his first trip to the beach at five weeks old. We were prepping to move out there for a little family staycation. He's already a great beach and travel baby. 

Parx beach baby
Parx & I
Sleepy Parx

While on our beach vacation Parx gained a ton of weight, grew out of his 3 month clothes and held his head up on his own for the first time. He loved spending time with his cousins, grandparents and great grandparents. 

Parx - 8 weeks

Check out that smile! Melts my heart.

We head to the pediatrician today for his two month check-up. I'm interested to find out how much he has grown since we were last there for his one week check-up in May. 

Also, one leg is undone in the photo because my mom said he needed some freedom. I can't tell who's more obsessed with this little guy, myself or my mom :)

I try to put into words what I want for him in life, but sometimes it's just easier to borrow from Lynyrd Skynyrd.

So Parx, take your time. Don't live too fast. Troubles will come and they will pass. You'll find a woman and you'll find love. (*Or not a woman. That's ok too. I will love you no matter what you decide in life.*) And don't forget that there is someone up above. And be a simple kind of man. 

Parx & I

I've never been a particularly sentimental person, but man, having a kid has really done it to me. Hopefully, you have enjoyed our little walk through Parx's first few months. We'll catch up with a new vlog soon!

Much Love, Lindsey