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Lustful Fridays


Lustful Fridays #15

The theme for this week's lusts are definitely DIY project ideas for our home. I am really honing in on the style I want and have found such cute ideas this week to bring it to life. Let me know what you think!

DIY Painted Plant Pots DIY Plant PotsHow cute are all of these painted clay pots?! I am obsessed with having plants growing in my house. So much so, that every holiday where gifts are given, someone always gets me a plant. I love the idea of making my own creative pieces and having them around the house to add color. My favorites are #2 and #9 with the gold accents. Here are all of the necessary bits to make them. Clay Pots (10 count), $9, Acrylic Paint Set, $18, Hot Pink Aquarium Gravel (1lb.), $10, Gold Spray Paint, $9. also need: painter's tape, paint brush and tinfoil. Just in case you're bored this weekend, this would be a fun project to welcome Spring.


FIRE PITIt's pretty rare for the weather to be chilly in Florida. We're lucky enough right now to be enjoying some absolutely beautiful weather. I would love to be hanging out at night, with friends around our own fire pit. This one is pretty and looks safe. Marshmallow Grilling Device, $127.



One thing we were absolutely missing during last weekend's Pirate Fest, was a gigantic pirate flag. This one is 3' x 5' and could be flown proudly, worn as a cape, or double as a blanket to lay on the grass with. I just feel like we should go more and more out every year. This $5 flag shows our support, while also being one of the least expensive things I've found on Amazon recently. Gotta love a good deal on pirate garb!



Valentine's Day is coming up soon. Danny, while a budding fashionista in his own right, really likes gifts to be things he can play with. He also really loves throwing some dice. So, I found these giant yard dice that would be a perfect little V-Day gift for him. Nothing too serious, and still definitely fun for when we have friends over. GIANT DICE, $50.



And as for me this Valentine's Day? I found these awesome little studs on sale 30% off! (Get them here, $48) I am a huge fan of studs and love the nautical theme of these. Now, I just have to convince Danny that I need more earrings!


Lustful Friday #15

Since I have been running so much in preparation for bikini season, it's about time to start looking for some new sneaks. I love orange/grey colored shoes, as noted by the pair shown in my post from Wednesday of this week Best Running Playlist. They've been good to me. I think it's only proper then to another pair that's similar. These will do nicely! Check them out here: Women's Nike 'Free Flyknit 4.0' Running Shoe


Lustful Fridays #15

I also found this lovely little romper today. So cute and romper are my favorite thing to wear. This is definitely a must-have. Women's ASTR Lace Trim Romper, $76

Have a lovely weekend loves, Lindsey





Finally, the return of the illustrious Lustful Fridays. I take a little time on Friday to add to my Amazon wishlist and blog about a bunch of stuff that I want, but don't necessarily need and may or may not buy myself in the future. So here's a quick run down of what caught my eye this week!

allsaints leather jacket

I've had my eye on this leather jacket form ALLSAINTS forever. It's on of those pieces that is needed in a wardrobe, but you have to seriously make it in life to be able to afford it. I would wear this everyday. Middle of summer, noon, still rocking it for at least the first year of owning it. Good news, there a bunch of styles on sale right now, bad news, the Conroy Leather Biker, the one I like, is not one of the ones on sale. This will probably stay on the wishlist until like Winter 2020. Check it out here: ALLSAINTS LEATHER JACKETS, $650


I'm obsessed with bar necklaces right now. I have one, but it's just plain. I'd love to have one like this that say Mr. King on it. Love that pup. Check it out here: Bar Necklace Personalized Bar Necklace 18k Gold Plated- Custom Made Any Name (16 Inches), $36.99

blanket scarf

I can no longer imagine a world without blanket scarves. These gigantic scarves are popping up on everyone. Possibly the best travel and winter weather companion, it is now fashionable to wrap a throw blanket around your neck and I am ok with it. The thing is, I definitely don't want to pay full sized blanket prices. The ones at Zara cost an arm and a leg. Luckily, I found them online for cheap. Gotta love the internet. Check it out here: BLOGGERS CHIC LARGE RED CAMEL NAVY GREEN PLAID CHECKED TARTAN SCARF WRAP SHAWL Z, $21


What I really want are the Chanel espadrilles, however, that is completely ridiculous. So, I found these Soludos espadrilles that are more within the budget. I know it's January and a little early to start thinking about summer styles for almost everyone, but I have the Florida excuse. My favorites are the striped ones! Check them out here: DAILYLOOK Women's, Soludos Sandal Espadrille, black, $48


Apparently I am all about comfy shoes right now. These Sam Edelman's are so cute and would be a lot better for our friends still experiencing cold temperatures. I just wouldn't suggest wearing them in the slush. Check them out here: Sam Edelman Women's Becker Fashion Sneaker, $108

mother denim

I am in desperate need of a pair of mid-rise, dark washed denim with no rips or holes in them. I found this brand, MOTHER denim, a couple of years ago and am loving the feel of their jeans. The material they use is called cotton cashmere and feels like an old pair of worn-in amazing jeans, but without the worn in look. The price, also not worn in. These puppies are pricey, but if I can't find anything I like more and know I would wear them ALL THE TIME, then I might be able to justify it. Check them out for yourself here: MOTHER Women's The Looker Skinny Jeans, $196

welcome stencil

I am always working on my home and finding pieces that can show my unique style. I usually buy about a piece per month, a rug here, some new dishes there and it is really all starting to come together. However, there are always new things that I am seeing that are perfect for my style. This "welcome mat" is one of those things. The homeowner used a Welcome stencil to spray paint it on their entryway. Considering our door is weirdly close to the ground and almost no rugs fit underneath it, this is a perfect move for us. We also have a little mud room that can take the bulk of the dirt from the outside. Best part about this, the stencil is $9.99 and you can reuse it over and over. Check it out here: Word Stencil - Welcome - Graceful 16 x 6, $9.99 WHITE BOOKCASELast, but not least, I need another stinkin' bookcase in the Tangerine Dream Room. This will be the third one used to house all of our merch and shipping accessories and I am in desperate straits without it. Organizing things is one of my favorite pastimes so I can't wait to get this in and set up. Check it out here: Coaster Home Furnishings Transitional Bookcase, White, $182

It's good be back blogging more. Tweet me or comment here and let me know what you guys think and what you want to hear about me!

Much Love, Lindsey



Lustful Fridays #13 (Bad Luck? NO WAY)

It's lucky number Lustful Fridays the 13th! Does this mean bad things? Gosh I hope not. I'm pretty sure we should just keep on truckin'. Hopefully your Friday is fantastic and full of all the wonderful things you could ever wish for. Here are some things I'm wishing for! butterbeerfrap

Yummmmm Butterbeer Frappachino. This little guy is one of the special fraps on Starbuck's "secret menu". I put it in quotes because it's Starbucks sanctioned, you just have to ask for the right bits in the recipe of your drink and voila, secrets become reality. I always wonder what to do with those freebies I get with all my Starbucks stars in the app and now I am going to start trying all of these drinks! Starting with the Harry Potter related one, duh!


I am still not eating pie, so I am always searching for things that look like pie, or taste like pie, but are healthier. I'm not sure these are actually better for you, but I'm willing to try them out, feel a little like Fall and indulge in some pie-like goodness.


As some of you budding fashionista might know, it is Paris Fashion Week. All of the Spring goodness is flooding the runways and I am getting so excited for what is to come. I never get to buy any of this stuff in real life, I just go to H&M or Zara to hit the inspired by pieces, but I can still get excited for what's to come. The crop top is still having it's moment in the sun (thank goodness because I love it), and how about these pants. This outfit is Balmain, which is definitely out of my price range, but how lovely will it be when there are some printed pieces like this for us regular girls?


Anyone who has taken a quick look around my house knows that I am obsessed with having plants around. I think having things growing brings good energy and better air to your living space. Does science back that up? Not sure, but I still believe it. I love these little cacti in all different colors. I am totally making one of these in my house.


Speaking of plants, how about this adorable little Mr. King wannabe in his Chia Pet outfit? So stinking cute.


I'm still on the lookout for awesome office stuff. These pastel colored accessories are exactly what I'm looking for. Maybe I can even just paint some of my plain white ones to match my tangerine dream room! Ombre orange boxes perhaps? I think so!


I am obsessed with these shoes. Ever since dying my hair pink I know always think, "I NEED ALL THE PINK THINGS" I would be towering over Danny, but whatevs. Look how fun they are!


Another favorite from PFW... this amazing trench from Lanvin. So pretty and feminine. I need to get me a trench for Fall.


And my last fav from Paris is this Balmain jumpsuit. It comes in red too and is just amazing. I love jumpsuits and am glad they're sticking around for another season.

That's it for this week! What are you obsessing over right now?

Much Love,




Lustful Fridays #12

Happy Friday from Tampa International Airport! We are on our way to Boston for the wedding and I have a little time to write out some things I loved this week. Here goes nothin': alexander wang bag

First off, I found this lovely Alexander Wang bag on Eva Chen's Pinterest page. She's the editor of Lucky, has impeccable taste and takes some of the best Instagram pics ever. This bag is gorgeous. I think I am very minimalist at heart. I love neutrals and black. This might be my new aspire to bag. It's just hard to imagine spending the money on it. I guess I will just love it from afar for now <3


This little guy is more in my budget. Despite all my minimalist tendencies, I also gravitate toward statement pieces that add something interesting to any outfit. That's why I love Mara Hoffman so much (more on that later). I could be wearing a neutral outfit and add a funky bag to give it a little more personality. I love that.

littletattootori praver tat

I've been thinking a lot lately about getting some new ink. I only have my lip tattoo so far and wouldn't mind getting a little something. I have my heart set on getting it on my forearm-ish area and have it say something mermaid-y. These are two little ones that I think are perfect. Danny's not too fond of the idea, but I'm still holding on to hope he'll come around. Either way, I can do what I want, it just would be more fun if he was into it too.


Gabi, who is my partner in crime at work, pointed out how awesome burgundys look with my new pink hair. She even talked me into buying a new sweater yesterday just because it matched my hair. In our defense, it does look awesome. But now I want to wear dark reds and burgundys everywhere. Coincidentally, Urban Decay came out with their Naked3 palette pretty recently and it is chock full of bronzey reds, rose golds and in general, perfect colors for my skin tone and new hair color. I don't usually wear a lot of eyeshadow, but when in Rome right? I should be getting my first Naked palette early next week.

isabel marant sneakers

So I know that the sneaker wedge has been around for a little while and that it's probably about time for it to go out of style, but I just love it. I think it's so stinking cute and should probably bite the bullet and grab a pair for myself. These are Isabel Marant and are definitely not cheap, but I bet I can find something similar pretty easily that I will love just as much. Great shoes for Fall right?


This orange leather skirt has my heart. I have no idea where it's from, but it's tangerine dream-y for sure. I don't wear a lot of leather because Florida. But this doesn't seem so bad. I'm going to definitely be searching the racks for this in the upcoming months.

mermaidpillow aloha pillowWe are in desperate need for some funky pillows for our new couch (I know, first world probs). I love the couch itself, but it came with all these whack-ass throw pillows that match the "theme" of the couch. I think they're ugly and plan on slowly switching them out for more fun ones, such as these mermaid-ish pillows. Hopefully Danny won't notice hehe.


I am obsessed with these Janis Bells by Novella Royale. They're a cotton blend so super comfy and really stinkin' cute. We carry them in Shore, but they always sell out before I can get a pair. It won't happen this time though. As soon as the next round arrives, they're mine!


And last but not least, I put in Shore's order for Mara Hoffman's Spring Collection and I can't wait to get the shorter dress version of this jumpsuit. I love this print. Good job Mara!

Alright y'all, my plan for the weekend is to post as many pictures of Boston and wedding festivities as humanly possible. Keep an eye out and tell me what you think in the comments!

Much Love,





Happy Friday loves! It's been a crazy week in the Bell/Duncan household! We finally got our new couch! Moving out the old one was tough, but getting the new one in was well worth it. We are also preparing for our trip to Boston next week and I am finally finished painting my closet! I'm constantly working on improving our home and in turn, our lives. Always craziness around here. Don't think all of our things going on would keep me from window shopping and finding some things to lust over this last week. I can always find something <3 pinkhair

I am super excited because we are less than 150 subscribers from 200,000 over on our YouTube page! And as promised, once we hit 200k, I am getting pink hair! It started with me tweeting and asking what we should do for 200k. There were a ton of ideas that came in from our followers, but the overall most requested was that I dye my hair so I have mermaid hair. There were a ton of suggestions for red like Ariel, or blue/green like water, but Danny's favorite was pink. So, we decided on pink. I am terrified that all my hair will fall out from having too much dye on it, or it will look awful on me. What I have to keep reminding myself is that it's going to be a really cool celebration of how far we have come. I can't wait to get in and see my stylist next week hopefully!!!!


Next up, nails for the wedding next weekend. I'll be going on Thursday morning to get new shellac before we head to Boston. I always do neutral nails, but want to switch it up and do something a little funky. I think the black tips to match my accessories and shoes will be perfect. blue life sports bra

I love this Blue Life clothing line. We carry the clothes at Shore and will be starting this Fall carrying the workout line too. I love cute workout clothes that can double as wearable comfy clothes too. I will basically be living in these laser cut pieces 24/7.davidyurman

Dear Santa, Please? I am pretty David Yurman obsessed. I don't wear a lot of jewelry, but love stacking bangles. Bracelets are just my thing. I love that these are monochromatic and chunky. I'm all about that.


Dear Santa, Also please? Frenchies are my life. I want a frenchie farm in my backyard.


I want everything I own to say this on it. Thank you Beyonce for coining my new favorite thing to say to everyone. I've been saying it completely unseriously in response to everything. Friend: "Linds, you seem spritely today." Me: "I WOKE UP LIKE THIS."


I would love to find some cute, little knuckle rings like this. I have a few of them, but would love to stack them more like these. I love that they're all different and unique. watermelon bikeFinally, my bicycle is getting really rusty. It's sad, but I've had it for three years, riding it through salt water all the time. It's only a matter of time before I am riding it and one of the wheels falls off. Considering biking is one of my favorite pastimes, I would like to find a new bike before that happens. I also would like to note that this bike looks like a watermelon and that is awesome. I am going to be keeping my eye out for a bike that's a little different and fun.

Much Love Y'all,





The big ONE OH! I'm doing a blog post that ends with the number 10!!! How crazy is that? Time flies when you're having fun I guess. It's SEPTEMBER! Only 17 Saturdays until Christmas! These are things I know working in the retail world. It's starting to be the time of year where I should be thinking less about my lusts and more about what the loves of my life are wanting for the holiday season. It's nice to know that once a week I can be a little self-centered and talk about some of the things I fell in love with over the last 7 days. So let's have one more week where it is all about me.


I am not a huge Tory Burch girl. I love what she is about, one of my best friend's styles her hair in New York and I think that Tory is one of the most beautiful women on the planet, but my style is usually a little edgier, darker and grittier than Tory's. With that being said, there is always something to fall in love with in her collection and this new bag is it for me. I'll take the green one please! I wear a lot of crossbody's because it's easy to throw in my camera, phone, keys and some money real quick and hit the road. The Fleming is definitely one of my go to bags for Fall. 



Everything that Stone Cold Fox comes out with is my favorite. Their line is a constantly evolving choice of looks that never disappoints. They started small creating a few blouses and tunics that caught on like wildfire and have since, started adding new looks. This is my favorite of the new pieces. I am so in love with this jumpsuit. If there is anything on this list that I will eventually own, it is most definitely this. 


With Fall coming, it is time to start thinking about some close-toed shoes. I love a good little flat and this Steve Madden leopard print d'orsay would be perfect for the transition days. I'm all about putting leopard with everything and just considering it a neutral. Can't wait to start wearing scarves and ballet flats!!


This is my favorite jewelry line right now, Long Lost Jewelry. I wear my shark's tooth necklace everyday. But I want a bigger one. The necklace shown here, from one of their instagram posts, is amazing. This jewelry makes me feel like I am always bringing a little bit of my beachy girl style to any outfit. 


For Love and Lemons is one of my favorite lines for lingerie. Lucky for me, they also make amazing lace dresses. I have already ordered this for the wedding that we are going to in two weeks. I hope it fits!


Flares are back with a vengeance! I feel like this silhouette never really went away, but am glad to see it being embraced more. I think the flare over a wedge really elongates the leg and I will be doing this like crazy for the next couple of months. Standing tall for Fall, y'all. 



I'm still not over crop tops with skirts. I don't know if I'll ever be over crop tops with skirts. I love how it looks like a party dress. This may be my go to holiday look this year. fort

And last, but not least, I want to build a permanent reading fort in our house. I am always running around like a chicken with my head cut off that I need somewhere in our house that can be my happy place. I am going to start collecting mismatched pillows and oversized printed scarves now in an attempt to make this happen by the new year. Bring on my zen!

Alright y'all, have a great weekend!

Much Love,