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GETTIN' PUMPED UP: New Music Mondays #11


GETTIN' PUMPED UP: New Music Mondays #11

The Best New Music to Get You Thru Your Workout

Welcome back to my favorite day of the week. Seriously writing about music has made Mondays so enjoyable to me. This week I was thinking that I've started to feel a little 'eh' when I workout. I really needed to find some new pump up music to help me get back on track. Luckily, finding new music is my favorite happy. So here's what I came up with. And now off to do some interval training! 

For the Town - Son Real

"For the Town" - SonReal

Category: Best Canadian Rapper since Snow

In all seriousness, this guy is really good and Snow was terrible.

Blaze Up the Fire - Major Lazer

"Blaze Up the Fire (feat. Chronixx)" - Major Lazer

Category: The Only Song About Weed That Can Double As A Great Song to Run To

Because Diplo.

Together - Cazzette

"Together (feat. Newtimers)" - Cazzette

Category: Best Use of Darlin' As A Song Lyric

I think the whole song is about meeting someone and trying to take it slow, but then not being able to help themselves. It's cute.

Bombastic - Bonnie McKee

"Bombastic" - Bonnie McKee

Category: Best Album Artwork

I pretty much am obsessed with Bonnie McKee. It might be because of her awesome pink hair, but I think it's because her music rocks too.

Good Intentions - The Chainsmokers

"Good Intentions (feat. Bully Songs)" - The Chainsmokers

Category: Does This Kinda Sound Like Bono Though?

The Chainsmokers are my favorite. They've come a long way since "Lemme Take a Selfie" times.

Golden (feat. Sia) - Travie McCoy

"Golden (feat. Sia)" - Travie McCoy

Category: I Love Sia

All I can think of when I hear Travie's voices is the "I Wanna Be a Billionaire" Song, but the Sia addition makes it worth the listen.

Can't Wait (Nightwave Remix) - Rafik

"Can't Wait (Nightwave Remix)" - Rafik

Category: Furriest Album Ever

It's just so fast. It makes me want to do like 15,000 burpees.

Speaking in Tongues - Young Guns

"Speaking in Tongues" - Young Guns

Category: The Lone Rock 'n Roll Song On This List

Where's all the new rock/metal/pop punk? Am I just missing it somehow because I'm too Diplo-centric? It's a possibility. Luckily, I found Young Guns to get my fix.

Bad Girls - MKTO

"Bad Girls" - MKTO

Category: Stickiest Song on the List

With lyrics like, "She likes getting naked and swimming in pools" & "So sticky we stuck to eachother" how could you not love it? Plus it has that old school feel. It's fun. 

Back of the Car - RAC

"Back of the Car (feat. Nate Henricks)" - RAC

Category: Most Likely to Make Me Run a Faster Mile

It just makes me want to run. I think it's the repeatativeness (is that a word lol) of the chorus, but it just puts me in the zone.

How to be the Man - Riff Raff

"How to be the Man" - Riff Raff

Category: Most Riff Raff-ical

Riff Raff is such a goofball, but dang it if he doesn't actually make me happy when his songs come on. I do not take him seriously, but I do enjoy it, so he's doing something right. 

Trini Dem Girls - Nicki Minaj

"Trini Dem Girls (feat. Lunchmoney Lewis)" - Nicki Minaj

Category: Best Dance Song

Why is it the best dance song? Because this.

Wanna Party Remix - Future Brown

"Wanna Party Remix (feat. Tink & 3D Na'Tee)" - Future Brown

Category: Good Ole' Hip-Hop

Sometimes you just need some good ole fashioned rap music to get you through. Plus, I love that this is a lady friend killin' it.

All I Want (Diplo Remix) - Dawn Golden

"All I Want (Diplo Remix)" - Dawn Golden

Category: Because of That Beat

Can I say Because Diplo again? I don't care, I am :)

Piano Hand - Chris Lake

"Piano Hand" - Chris Lake & Chris Lorenzo

Category: The Only Song on Here Written by Two Dudes Named Chris

Seriously, their both named Chris. Also, what the hell is a Piano Hand? I am so tired of turning to Urban Dictionary to figure out what the hell stuff means. Sometimes it's awesome like when I looked up Drake's woes. And then sometimes I'm grossed out, like when I looked up Nicki Minaj's truffle butter (seriously don't). Or when I was weirded out after I looked up Beyonce's watermelon (did you have to go there B)? Anyways, I'm guessing piano hand is slang for something equally ridic. Either way, great song to finish you're workout with!

Have a beautiful week
Much Love, Lindsey


My Review of Skinny Me Tea!!!


My Review of Skinny Me Tea!!!

Skinny Me Tea Review

I am so excited for 2015! I've already started to make some changes to my lifestyle to help myself become healthier and happier. One of my favorite differences is the addition of daily tea into my life. Check out my review of Skinny Me Tea and why it's had such a fun impact in my life! [embed][/embed]

What changes are you making for 2015?

Much Love, Lindsey




DSC_0006 Music motivates me to no end. Sometimes it is the only way to get through a tough day, and definitely the only way to get through basically any workout. I've gone through and picked some of my favorite tunes that motivate me to push harder, run faster and take it to the next level. That level is ABS LEVEL!!!! I hope anyways. Hopefully you can find something new and be motivated just as much! Nothing like the guys from Four Year Strong yelling at you to make you get your rear in gear!



"Don't" Ed Sheeran


Work Out Tunes:

"Right Back At It Again" A Day to Remember

"Ghosts" Mayday Parade

"You & Me (feat. W. Darling)" Bassnectar

"It Must Really Suck to Be Four Year Strong Right Now" Four Year Strong

"Untitled" Finch

"Empty Space" Story So Far

"Maniac (R.O.D.)" Four Year Strong

"Mr. Highway is Thinking About the End" A Day to Remember


Cool Down:

"Oh Well, Oh Well" Mayday Parade


Much Love,





This clip is from Day 218 of our Daily Vlog on YouTube! I had so much fun filming this with my pup and editing it with the music I couldn't help but share it!

My boyfriend, Danny, and I are just starting a month long fitness regimen that includes finding ways to work out that are fun, eating healthy and living as cleanly as possible. It's a bit of a challenge for us, but should be so worth it in the end! Especially since I just came back from Miami Swim Week and can't wait to wear all the amazing new swim coming to stores soon!

Check back for more updates on Fashion, Music and life in general!


Much love,