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GlamGlow PoutMud

GlamGlow GlowStarter

Sunday Riley Mattifying Gel Toner

Sunday Riley U.F.O. Ultra-Clarifying Face Oil

Aveda Damage Remedy Split End Repair

Aveda Thickening Tonic

Ouai Hair Oil

T3 Singlepass Luxe Straightener

Urban Fit Co Tie Dye Capris


Private Party Ride of Die One Piece


Windsor Dress


MAY FAVES 6.15.16


MAY FAVES 6.15.16

May Faves

So technically it's June. I get it. But I got so much awesome stuff for May and I want to make a June video too... So here's my late May faves :) Below are links, images and a mini review of why I chose everything. What are your faves? I want your opinions so I can try some new stuff that you love too! Tweet me: @lindseybell or write in the comments here or on YouTube. Much Love y'all, Lindsey

NYX Liquid Suede - Vintage

NYX Liquid Suede in Vintage

I've never been a huge fan of lip color. I think it's because I'm a serious beach girl and mermaid at heart. Usually lipstick and water don't mix well together. But after trying out this $7 NYX Lip Suede, I am totally hooked. Shopping at drug stores or other chain stores like Target, make it affordable to try out the greatest trend before shelling out big bucks for a more luxurious version. The only downfall to this lip is that it started to flake off over time. 


S'ip by S'well Bottles

S'ip by S'well at Target

Help the environment, stay hydrated and keep your drinks cold? Sounds like a win, win to me! I picked up the Watermelon Cooler print, while my mom opted for Pineapple Bliss.

Shop S'ip HERE

Boys & Arrows Steel Magnolias Bikini

Boys & Arrows provide great fitting swimwear with fun prints and an edgier appeal. I'm obsessed with their line and always pick their pieces as my go to for a weekend of fun. 

Shop Boys and Arrows HERE (Free Shipping on orders over $99!)

52 Lists Project

I love lists. I love organization and more than anything, I love bringing positive influences into my life. Somehow, this little book manages to covers all of these things. It's a great way to unwind during your busy weeks. 

Shop for 52 Lists Project:

QUAY High Emotion Sunnies

Quay High Emotion Marble & Blue Sunnies

New, ridiculous looking sunnies are one of my favorite go-to accessories. The more Willy Wonka-ish, the better. And at only $55 from Nordstrom (click the image below to shop), you can't help but add these to your summer wardrobe.

Commodity Gin Eau de Parfum

I tend to gravitate toward rich, woodsy fragrances. Basically, I like to smell like a sexy man. Commodity caters to that, but they also have an entire collection of lighter fragrances, encompassing florals and other girlier scents. I am officially a die hard fan and am giving away two of the cocktail sets over on my Instagram: @lindseybellbell

Shop Commodity HERE

vbeaute Eye Lube Eye Serum & Eye Never Eye Cream

vbeaute Eye Never Eye Cream

My grandmother once told me you're never too young to start thinking about taking care of your skin. She's been pivotal in my frequent use of sunscreen since a young age as she told me horror stories about my great aunt's face lifts. Take care now and you don't have to worry too much as you age well. This is why I decided to buy my first really awesome eye serum/eye cream set. I'm not too worried about wrinkles, but how nice is it to wear less makeup and not really worry about it? That's my plan at least. 

Shop vbeaute HERE

Sandmarc GoProp Travel Pack

Sandmarc Travel Bundle

In case of dropping your GoPro in the water, use the carbon fiber float to keep it from sinking. In case of zombie apocalypse, beat the crap out of a zombie from 17"-40" away with your rust-proof vlog stick. In case of fun, pack it all up in the armor bag.

Check out the bundle HERE

AHAVA Cactus and Pink Pepper Hand Cream

AHAVA Deadsea Water Mineral Hand Cream

Make your hands smell amazing. I just bought the lotion to match because I love the scent so much. 

Check out AHAVA HERE