Blake Lively

My makeup style has changed so much over the last year. The more obsessed I've become with new products, the more I've started to switch them out to try new things. I also have had a huge transformation since becoming a pro cheerleader. I just have to wear more makeup than I ever have had to before. 

Over the last week, I've started to really channel Blake Lively as my style muse. We both have hooded eyelidsand I've noticed how polished she always looks, so I'm totally stealing her looks. I want to do a video this weekend about my new makeup routine. Perhaps a get ready with me before my Friday night out with my Buc Buddy (such a silly name for our partners in crime at cheerleading), Kelsea. What do y'all think? Tweet me about it if you love the idea :)

Blake Lively

Mrs. Ryan Reyonds should probably be my hair muse too. I'm just overall obsessed with her look. 

Who's your favorite style muse?

Have a great day everyone!

Much Love, Lindsey

Blake Lively