The Apple Watch pre-sale launched yesterday at 3AM. Danny and I were among the guinea pigs to purchase without trying first. I ended up at the Apple Store later by chance and tried it on in person. I am elated to say that I loved it! I've always been a watch girl. It all started with a white ceramic Michael Kors watch I bought myself in 2009, from there I've been addicted, mostly to Kors, Nixon and Fossil. My most expensive watch, was also my first, the Kors ceramic at $550.  

Since hearing about the Apple watch back in September, I've been excited to leave my more fashion friendly watches behind in exchange for something more practical. You see, I've also been wearing a Nike Fuelband around for the last year so and I believe that's been a strong force in helping me get healthy. That and the fact that I am on my phone 24/7 sending business emails, checking on social media, talking to you guys... The watch just makes sense to me. But what I want to know is, what do you guys think of it?


Hope you all have a beautiful Saturday! 

Much Love,  Lindsey