It's been over a month since I posted a #NewMusicMonday. Luckily, that gives me tons of new new to bring to the table! I love doing this and definitely don't plan on quitting any time soon. Just needed a little break. Not enough time in the day sometimes :) 

"1-800-273-8255 ( feat. Alessia Cara & Khalid)" Logic

"Blackout" Freya Ridings

Category: Piano Ballad of the Week

"Breathe (Lauv Remix)" Astrid S

Category: Just Br-EE_ee-athe

"Changed" Jp Saxe

Category: Song About California of the Week

"City Limits (feat. Lee Luxion)" Hamster

Category: Don't Give Up, Don't Give In Anthem

"The Cure" Lady Gaga

Category: So 90's in the best way

"Don't Take the Money" Bleachers

Category: So 80's in the best way

"Drama" AJR

Category: Those Strings Tho

"Drifters" Evix

Category: Not Even on iTunes Yet

"Either Way" Chris Stapleton

Category: Most Likely to Make Me Super Emotional

"The Fire" Bishop Briggs

"First Time" Kygo & Elie Goulding

Category: Because Growing Up Sucks, But Writing Songs About It is Awesome

"Free to Go" Dewian Gross

Category: Not Even on iTunes Yet Part II

"The Hunter" Galantis

Category: Most Likely to Get Stuck in Your Head (I am the, I am the HUNTER)

"I'm the One (feat. Justin Bieber, Quavo, Chance the Rapper and Lil' Wayne)" DJ Khaled

Category: Bring them raindrops!

Intoxicate - ZHU

"Intoxicate" ZHU

Category: Trippiest

"Moments (feat. Gavin James)" Bliss n Eso

Category: Most Proud

"Mood" Emily Vaughn

Category: mood

"My Love (feat. Major Lazer, WizKid, Dua Lipa)" Wale

Category: Because Diplo

"Phases" Majid Jordan

"Say My Name" Tove Styrke

Category: Wear it out like a sweater

"Sign of the Times" Harry Styles

Category: I'm So Obsessed With Him

"The Shine (feat. Chelsea Cutler)" ayokay

"Slow Down Love (feat. Chelsea Cutler)" Louis The Child

Category: Who is Chelsea Cutler and why is she on all the songs right now?

"Spread the Love (feat. Odelyah)" Galgo

Category: It's ovah

"Thunder" Imagine Dragons

Category: So good

"Whippin (feat. Felix Snow)" Kiiara

Category: Best addition to a road trip playlist

"You Gotta Be" Kiera Weathers

Category: Best Re-Up of the Week

"You Might Be (feat. Lils)" Autograf