Happy Monday! Start your week off with some new tunes, or more accurately, start your week off with some Drake!

"Actually Smiling" Geotic

Category: No Words, Just Right

"Blem" Drake

Category: Because I'm Obsessed With Drake

"Brand New Day" Redfoo

Category: Because Fresh Starts Are Awesome

"Chainsmoking" Jacob Banks

"Chasing Highs" Alma

"Deliverance" Rationale

"do re mi" Blackbear

Category: Break-Up Song of the Week

"Fall Apart" VVAVES

"Fortune" Only Girl

Category: Hi, I'm Obsessed

"Get It Together" Drake

Category: So Lounge-y

"Golden Youth (ft. Anjulie)" Leroy Styles

Category: Don't Wanna Get Serious

"I Miss You (feat. Bahari) [Acoustic]" Grey

"I'll Follow" Fancy Cars & Svrcina

"Light My Body Up (feat. Nick Minaj & Lil Wayne)" David Guetta

Category: I think I have a Nicki Minaj featured song on every playlist so far this year. She’s hustlin’

"make daddy proud" Blackbear

Category: Oh girl, you just got burned

"Passionfruit" Drake

Category: Best Song That Doesn’t Actually Mention the Song Name in the Song of the Week

"Slow Down Love (feat. Chelsea Cutler)" Louis The Child

Category: Best Use of Steel Drums

"Slurs" Petrie

"Song Goes Off" Trey Songz

"The One" The Chainsmokers

Category: Because I’ve lived a relationship like this, it’s kind of crazy to hear somebody else put it into words in a song

"Wild One (feat. Tep No)" Lucky Rose

Category: Countriest Non-Country Song