New Music Monday #30 7.4.16

Alone - Billy Lockett

"Alone" Billy Lockett

Category: Piano Ballad of the Week

Beautiful Life - Lost Frequencies

"Beautiful Life (feat. Sando Cavazza)" Lost Frequencies

Category: Best Use of Whistling

Black Honey - Thrice

"Black Honey" Thrice

Category: A Nod to My Youth

California - Kina Grannis

"California" Kina Grannis

Category: Because I'm Craving a Trip to Cali

Can't Think - Dawg Yawp

"Can't Think" Dawg Yawp

Category: Best Use of Sitar

Dreamin' - Embody

"Dreamin' (Live Acoustic) [feat. Camden Cox]" Embody

Category: Best Use of Steel Drums

Empire Builder - The Dead Tongues

"Empire Builder" The Dead Tongues

Category: Best Use of Banjo

Ga$ - Ro James

"Ga$" Ro James

Category: Best Poncho on an Album Cover

Good Girls - Elle King

"Good Girls" Elle King

Category: For the Bad Gals

Half Light - Banners

"Half Light" Banners

Category: Most Likely to Be Danced To

Headlights - Filmore

"Headlights" Filmore

Category: The Kind of Parties I End Up at Usually

i twerking - Polar Bear

"i twerking" Polar Bear

Category: Most Likely to Make You Habitually Check Your Phone & Feel a Little Like Pavlov's Dog

In the Night - Jasper Dietze

"In the Night (ft. Aaron Richards)" Jasper Dietze

Category: Best Weeknd Cover

Luh Me Like Dat - LeeYou & Danceey

"Luh Me Like Dat (ft. Margo Laia)" LeeYou & Danceey

Category: Gimme Some Luh

Millionaire - Cash Cash

"Millionaire (ft. Nelly)" Cash Cash & Digital Farm Animals

Category: Happiest

My Girl - Dylan Scott

"My Girl" Dylan Scott

Category: Crown and Sprite? Give the Poor Girl Some Ginger Ale

Nothing is Promised - Mike WILL Made-It

"Nothing is Promised" Mike WILL Made-It & Rhianna

Category: Because Rhianna

Revolution - Helly Luv

"Revolution" Helly Luv

Category: Best Use of a Drumline

Surprise Yourself - Jack Garratt

"Surprise Yourself (GRYFFIN x Manilla Killa Remix)" Jack Garratt

Category: Most Likely to Be Added to My Running Playlist

Talk - DJ Snake

"Talk (ft. George Maple)" DJ Snake

Category: Best Use of Xylophone

Tears - Clean Bandit

"Tears (ft. Louisa Johnson)" Clean Bandit

Category: Most Likely to Make Me Cry

Wanna Be - Mister Jam

"Wanna Be (feat. Vanessa) [Bick Deboni Remix]" Mister Jam

Category: Best for the Club

Waving Goodbye - Sia

"Waving Goodbye" Sia

Category: Because Diplo

Welcome to Paradise - CS

"Welcome to Paradise (ft. James Carter & Emma Carn)" CS & Miskeyz

Category: Best Clap-It-Out Section

Wonderful Life - Kiso

"Wonderful Life (ft. Kayla Diamond)" Kiso

Category: Most Inspirational

XO - Nightly

"XO" Nightly

Category: Most Rock Influence

"You Always Win" Dropout

"You Always Win" Dropout

Category: Because I Always Win :)