surf expo 2016

Surf Expo always brings the fun! It's such a cool show to go to either as a buyer, vendor, or just a spectator. I love it because it brings surf culture together with fashion in a super chill collab that makes me happy to be apart of. Here's some more pics of my day at Surf Expo.

Billabong Booth

Billabong's "booth" as I guess you would call it, always outshines a lot of the other vendors. The build out on this thing has to take a minute to complete and inside there are hundreds of pieces of clothing & accessories on display for potential buyers. Their imagery is always really awesome too.

Billabong swim
big ole fish

There's even a giant pool set up for anyone who wants to demo some boards.

Paddle Pool
waffle on a stick

And a Vans waffle for the road!!!