New Music Mondaus #14

Whoo Monday Whoo!!! Said no one ever. Well, almost no one, because I always get genuinely excited about my New Music Monday posts. The best part of Monday for sure. This week it's going to get a little deep. Not in a bad way. It may sound kind of depressing, but it's just because I think I finally feel comfortable sharing some of the music that has helped me through this transition in my life for the last month and a half or so. It's kind of like baring my soul a little ya know? Music always helps :)

"Star Mile" - Joshua Radin

Category: The Saddest Ever

This is an oldie, but a goodie.

"Hold Me Down" - Halsey

Category: Powerful Chick with Turquoise Hair Song of the Week

I'm a fan of powerful women, and this Halsey chick seems like she's pretty rockin'. I just learned about her, but am excited to hear more of her stuff. 

"Learn to Love" - W. Darling

Category: Other Powerful Chick Song of the Week

Nothing better than a good powerful chick song :)

"Game of Thrones Theme (Armin Van Buuren Remix)" - Ramin Djawadi

Category: I Miss Jon Snow So Much That I Am Really Grasping At Straws For Things That Remind Me of Game of Thrones

This song is dumb, but I love it. 

"Eyes Shut" - Years & Years

Category: A Song for the YouTube Comments

"Nothing's gonna hurt me with my eyes shut..." Kind of how I go through life a little bit.

"Show Me Love (feat. Kimberly Anne) [EDX Remix]" - Sam Feldt

Category: Dance Party Jam of the Week

I love Sam Feldt. I put one of his songs on last week's playlist too. He's so hot right now apparently. Sometimes you just need a good song to dance to. 

"Feeling Good" - Ms. Lauryn Hill

Category: A Reminder About How Beautiful and Amazing Life Can Be

This song was good the first time, but I think Lauryn Hil did it some justice when bringing it back. It's just a happy song to remind you to be happy. 

"Bang Bang" - Lawrence Taylor

Category: More Songs for the Haters

A little blues guitar never hurt. 

"Clear As A Bell" - Ofelia K

Category: I'm A Bell

I just like it because it says 'bell' in it, but actually it has a lot of relevance to my life so that worked out right?

"Search Party" - Sam Bruno

Category: Because YouTube

And because it's a good song :)

"Love" - Jana Kramer

Category: Positive Love Vibes

So I don't necessarily believe the most important walk you'll take is the one down the aisle because graduation or like, I don't know other things along those lines seem pretty important. At least equally important ya know? But overall, the message in this song is super important to me. Thanks to Bianca Canonico for the suggestion :)