Fun Stuff Fridays #1

I've been doing Lustul Fridays for over a year now and I decided I hated that the title had no illiteration in it. So, to keep things more snappy around here, I'm switching it up. Fun Stuff Fridays has more much of a ring to it :) So, here's my fun stuff for this week!

Acacia Panama Top

Acacia Panama Top

This swim top started a revolution last year when it hit the market. Everyone scrambled to make a high-neck suit that was comparable for this season, but no one really hit the mark. I love this top so much. More so even to wear as an actually top at a music festival or something. I really should splurge and get one, but at about $130, and considering the sheer number of high-neck swim tops I've already bought this year, I'm having trouble making the leap. Maybe I should just spring for the tapestry she's laying on instead.

Anthropologie Seashell Curtains

Anthropologie Seacharms Curtains

Danny doesn't like our curtains. They are cream and he thinks they look dirty. We've been on the hunt for new ones that more fit his tastes and these seem to be a winner for both of us so far. Hopefully we will actually bite the bullet and buy them sometime soon!

Beaded Jacket

Beaded Moto Jacket

I am a sucker for a great jacket. Even in Florida. Even in the heat. At some point you have to go inside where all of the restaurants, shops and movie theaters keep their air conditioning at somewhere around 20 degrees farenheit. This is why year round, I always have a jacket with me. This one is beaded and oh so perfect. I'll have to keep an eye out for it in real life.

Tribal Hot Pink Espadrilles

Hot Pink Tribal Espadrilles

Now that it is finally summer everywhere (sorry southern hemisphere), we can all start thinking about all the cute espadrilles we should own. I love my flipflops, but it's always so much more fun putting on an actual shoe. I feel like it makes the outfit dressier automatically. I have no idea where these ones are from, but will definitely be on the lookout for some colorful espadrilles throughout this summer. I also want some black and white ones. I'd love to have the Chanel ones, but they're a little out of my price range... Perhaps after I win the lottery. 

Frenchie Mom and Pup


I am still so, so in love with French Bulldogs. I know it just isn't plausible for us to have another dog right now since we leave Mr. King with my parents so frequently to travel. It would be awful to get a brand new pup and then leave it with my mom to train. That's just not fair. However, look how freakin' cute that little pup is. And it's momma... UH. I can't even with these pups right now. I just want to snuggglllle it!

Green and Gold Rings

Green and Gold Rings

What the hell kind of semi-precious stones are these rings made out of? I LOVE this color. I'm all about stacking rings, but the dainty ones tend to look a little small on my monster hands. I need something with a little substance. Like some rocks. These would be perfection. 

Hanging Porch Chairs

Rustic Porch Furniture

We are planning on throwing an epic 4th of July party this summer. How fun would it be to have a ton of these chairs hanging from our trees in the backyard?!? I also love the rustic wood benches and old rope spool tables. I am seriously stealing this photo's whole design aesthetic and just adding some flags. I love it. 



Speaking of amazing furniture... I am obsessed with this rustic wood lounge/ottoman thing. This would probably be pretty easy to build, and I totally want to. This would be worth buying a table saw to create. I am also really in love with this room in general. All the real live greenery, exposed brick... Pretty much everything except the dead carcas rug. I am not down with those at all. I get that a lot of people like that, but all I keep looking at is the little tail :(  Must concentrate on awesome lounge! Seriously though, I am all about this. 

Naked Swimsuits

Naked Swimsuits

I am still into the naked swimsuit trend. I just think that neutral colors are really flattering. You have to find the right neutral for your skintone, but with so many coming onto the market now, it's becoming easier and easier. I love the simplicity and craftsmanship of this suit. Someone put a lot of love into the design. I can tell by the darts on the top and intricacy of the ties that whoever designed this is really, really good at what they do. Beautiful. 

Copper Pineapple Cups

Anyone who knows anything about me knows 3 things... I love Harry Potter, mermaids and pineapples. If I could design my whole life around these things I would. Which leads us to the last items on the list for this week, a completely ridiculous copper pineapple cup. This just screams summer... and alcohol, but mostly, summer. Somebody tell me where I can get a set of these. 



As always, hope you all have an amazing weekend! Much Love, Lindsey