New Music Mondays: Sexual French Whisper Songs

Some new tunes to start your week out right. This week my tastes got a little weird, but I like weird so I am suggesting you go check it out. Also, more Diplo. Let me know what you guys think, what you're favorite new songs is and tweet me (@lindseybell) any new songs for next week that you think I'll love!!!

tilted - christine and the queens

This song had made my week. It's the whole reason this week's list of songs is under the headline of: SEXUAL FRENCH WHISPER SONGS, and it is the only song on the list that actually has a whole bridge of a woman whispering in French (jump to 2:14 in the song to find out what I'm talking about). Maybe it's just because she's speaking in French that is sounds sexual to me, but take a listen for yourself. Christine and the Queens could have a whole genre to themselves of sexual whisper songs. I'd buy it. 

Favorite Line: "WAH I'm doing my face with magic marker UUUUUnnnnHHHHHH."

This is a super ominious cover of the 80's classic, Addicted to Love. I think it sticks with my sexual whisper songs theme of the week haha. It's just a really cool re-make of a fun and catchy song. 

One of the better metal covers of a pop song that I've ever heard. It actually sounds like the song was written this way. It's crazy how a message can be the same whether Tay Swift is singing the lyrics or some guy is screaming them. 

And coming in dead first with this week's most ridiculous lyrics is another Diplo song brought to you by Diplo. With lyrics so compelling as, "Yeah, I'm the shit. I should have Febreze on me, " 2 Chainz truly is the Shakespeare of our generation. Seriously though, I like it a lot and have been playing it on repeat. 

Favorite Line: "You ain't from Kingston. You are Ja-Fakin'."

Ok so the Ohs at the beginning are a little reminisicent of "Just Keep Breathing" by We the Kings, but that's not the only reason I like this song. It's a damn good break-up song. I used to hate those, but now that I'm sure I will never have to go through that crap again, break-up songs are actually pretty good. There's just always a ton of emotions behind them. Good stuff. 

This song is beautiful. The two of them together are perfect. I cried the first time I heard it. 

Calvin Harris's newest album is really good. I keep finding new favorites on it. This remix of a song collaborated on by Haim, is pretty awesome. 

I love Parson James' voice! And I'm starting to really like Kygo. I feel like I've really liked a couple of his songs lately. I googled him apparently he's best known for a remix of "I See Fire" by Ed Sheeran. So... now I have to go find that :)

Ok so I admittedly a little obsessed with Jackü. I'll probably post a song a week, at least, until I get through the whole album. Plus I really like AlunaGeorge. 

Much Love Y'all, Lindsey