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I'm always on the lookout for new beauty products that can make my life simpler or make me feel prettier. I spend everyday with a camera in my face so making sure I look my best is important. I did a beauty video in June of last year, but have made some updates over the last few months that are seriously amazing. I have a ton of new suggestions so I've decided to split them up over a couple of posts. Today I am starting at the top with some of my new, favorite, must-have hair products!

Davine's Love Shampoo New Year, New Beauty Routine: HAIR Get it: Davines Love Smoothing Shampoo, 8.45 oz, $23.45

I have been blessed with some crazy hair. The positives are that I have a ton of hair and it holds a curl really well, but the negatives are that it is always frizzy. Add in a little Florida humidity and my hair is a recipe for disaster. Luckily, I found Davine's. This was suggested by my stylist at Apartment 12, Emily, and I have been using it since I dyed my hair pink in September. It's pricey, but makes such a difference during my routine it's been worth it.

Davine's Love Conditioner

New Year, New Beauty Routine: HAIR

Get it: Davines Conditioner, Love, Smooth, 8.45-Ounces, $27.20

The conditioner comes with all the amazingness of the shampoo and also smells amazing. Love this stuff.

VO5 Hot Oil Treatment

New Year, New Beauty Routine: HAIR

Get it: VO5 Hot Oil Treatment with Vitamin E, 1 oz, $3.54

VO5 Hot Oil Treatments are not new, but boy do they make a difference on the softness of your hair. I've started doing one of these a week. There's two treatments per box, so your paying less than $2 per treatment. Love that. Such an easy and cost effective addition to my hair routine

Pantene Pro-V Texturizing Styling Wax

New Year, New Beauty Routine: HAIR Get it: Pantene Pro-V Stylers Texturizing Sculpting Wax 1.7 Oz, $4.79

When the frizziness gets really bad, a little bit of wax does the trick to tame the fly aways. I've tried a number of different brands and have noticed no difference except for the price. That's why I go with this one, less than $5 and totally helps keep my hairstyle in tip top shape.

Suave Professionals Dry Shampoo

New Year, New Beauty Routine: HAIR Get it: Suave Professionals Dry Shampoo Spray, Beautiful Clean, 5 Ounce, $8.65

We've spent a lot of time traveling in the past year. I did at least three full weeks of total of Warped Tour last summer! Traveling means that showers and time to shower are sometimes scarce. Luckily, this dry shampoo came into my life and saved me from being a big, greasy mess more than I'd like to admit. Just like hair waxes, I've tried a number of brands of dry shampoo, but have continued to use Suave because of the smell and price. This $9 bottle lasted a whole summer and seriously has the best scent ever. It's also good for those days that you want yesterday's style to go into today or when you sleep through your alarm and need to get moving quick!

Remington Silk Ceramic Elliptical Styling Wand

New Year, New Beauty Routine: HAIRGet it: Remington Ci96z1 Silk Ceramic Elliptical Waving Wand, $24.96

My last suggestion, and my favorite thing I have ever purchased for my hair routine, is this Remington wand. This is how I put the soft waves in my hair and is the easiest piece of hair equipment I have ever used. Because of this, and the price, this is a must have. This is one I have discussed before, but I cannot stress what a difference this makes to my life. Wanna know how to use it? Here's my video about how I do my beach waves.

There are some products that are worth shelling out the extra dough for, but luckily, there are also some really amazing ones that are easy on the pocketbook. Check back tomorrow for my favorite skin care items!

Much Love, Lindsey

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