I love awards season! It's fun for me to watch all the beautiful dresses walking down the red carpet and see how they are styled. The Golden Globes is specifically fun because people are a little more relaxed than the Oscars. They dress up if they want or try something new fun. It just depends on how they feel the week before, I think. Here's some of my favorites: Chrissy Teigen in Zuhair Murad

My Favorites from the Golden Globes Red Carpet 2015

I just adore Chrissy Teigen because she's the cutest stinking thing on the planet, but she freaking kills it in this lacy number. Beauiful, sleek ponytail, minimal makeup to highlight her eyes... It's all good. The color brings out the best in her skintone. It's just uh, to die for. Obviously she's a dang supermodel, but she's doing it right. (I also really love that her cry face from when John Legend won an award is going viral. It's pretty hilarious.)

Dakota Johnson in Chanel

My Favorites from the Golden Globes Red Carpet 2015

It's very fitting that Dakota, star of the upcoming Fifty Shades of Grey, is wearing about a million shades of sparkly grey on the red carpet. The best part about this dress is the sparkly train the is gliding along behind her. Reminds me of a mermaid and I obviously love mermaids. The contrasting top of the dress is a lovely touch that keeps it feminine, but still sexy. The only I'm a little meh about is her center parted bangs, but I think that her hair is a huge part of her look for the Fifty Shades press tour and craziness to start around the premiere. She has to keep it demure, but sexy, but innocent, but independent until she gets through with everything. It just seems very staged for publicity, but in a good way.

Emma Stone in Lanvin

My Favorites from the Golden Globes Red Carpet 2015

Both Emma and Lorde rocked jumpsuits to the awards show and I love that! This is the show to do something fun and out of the box. Emma's has a little bow train, which I think fits her personality. What really sticks out with Emma though, is her spot on hair and makeup. It's hard to get a lipstick shade to be that amazing with your skintone and hair color. Whoever does her makeup should get a raise. I bet she takes care of her people well though. She just seems like an appreciative gal.

Jennifer Lopez in Zuhair Murad

My Favorites from the Golden Globes Red Carpet 2015

Another Murad makes the list. There's just something so spectacular about making a cape dress work. Also, JLo is 45!!! That's unbelievable. She looks amazing. So, so, so great.

Kate Hudson in Versace

My Favorites from the Golden Globes Red Carpet 2015

I feel like every awards show I always love at least one Versace dress. The last post I did included Khloe K in an awesome little black dress by the designer. This one is another knockout. It's super sexy and Kate looks amazing. Keeping her in a minimal low bun was a good choice. Let her boobs be the spotlight (hehe)!

Matt Bomer in Ralph Lauren Black Label

My Favorites from the Golden Globes Red Carpet 2015

I always have to find one guy who really shines on the red carpet. This time it's Matt in this awesome navy blue colored suit with black trim. It's fun when men step out of the box a little with their suits. Obviously a tux is a tux and that's kind of the only thing guys can get away with, but choosing a different color and trimmings really makes a difference. Loving the white pocket square.

Sienna Miller in Miu Miu

 My Favorites from the Golden Globes Red Carpet 2015She looks adorable. I know this is supposed to be sexy because of the low cut neckline, but I can't help but think that it is just so stinkin' cute on her. There's also some amazing craftsmanship on this dress. The beading is beautiful and probably done by hand. Beyond the dress, her hair is in the best little bob, her smile is contagious and her jewelry minimal. Beautiful.

It's been a fun night checking it all out. Which were your favorites?

Much Love Y'all, Linds

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