IT'S FOOTBALL SEASON AND WE WANT TO THROW A PARTY!!! We had plans to turn this Sunday into the party of the season at our house, but then we got tickets to go to Universal and go to mother effing HARRY POTTER LAND! So, the party will have to wait until after we get back from Boston, but I have all these great ideas that I thought could come in handy for all of your sporting events coming up. Put links and ideas in the comments if you have any good ones to add! cupsfordrinks

I am making everyone a dang cup. I want them all to look like a football and have their name on it. It will be cute, but also, it's totally needed so no one loses their cup. I am the type of person who can take a theme and run with it. Plan on seeing tons of footballs hehe


I made these football brownies for the Super Bowl and they were a huge hit. You can't really go wrong with brownies. Dessert always wins hearts.

fritopiestation    bloodymarystationMIMOSA BAR

Another set-up that I want to try is to do is bars of items. A mimosa bar, bloody mary bar and Frito bowl bar are all in the cards for our game day. The Fritos are cool because it's easy. Grab a bag of Fritos, have some chili to add in, as well as some toppings, and tell guests to add everything right into the existing Frito bag. There's no real clean up and it's a yummy little meal. The bloody mary bar is fun for earlier games and while the mimosa bar would be perfect for that too, it's also a good transitional beverage to have something light and refreshing available all day. mini-sausage-wrap

Hot dogs are a must do at our house. These mini ones wrapped in a crescent looks so good. It's a good way to make hot dogs looks more appetizing to people who don't usually eat them. I think those people are crazy, but can relate to not wanting to eat random things (i.e. chicken for me).


The last idea that I want to implement into our party is to label our coolers. We have some friends who only drink beer for football games and we have some friends who haven't had a sip of alcohol in years. Before they each go digging around in the ice, I want to make sure they know what they're getting into. I think it's just courteous.

I thought these ideas were cute and practical. If you have any other good ones let me know!

Much Love,