getlost Yesterday my dad and I took a little road trip up to Tallahassee to see the Florida State Seminoles take on the Citadel at Doak Campbell Stadium. Most of my family are FSU alums, so we have season tickets to the football games and I always go to at least one game each season. I was planning on going with Danny, but since he had some shows this weekend with We the Kings, my dad took the trip with me. We've done a ton of daddy/daughter weekends in Tally so it was only natural that he made the trip with me.

My favorite part of roadtrips is sitting down the day before and coming up with an awesome driving playlist. I love mixing genres and oldies with some newbies. Playlists sometimes stick on my phone for years because of the epic memories that are brought to mind when playing that set of songs. Before your next long drive, I definitely suggest making some playlists for yourself if you haven't ever tried it before. Here's some of my favorites to get you started:

"Sing" Ed Sheeran

I am moderately obsessed with Ed Sheeran right now. This song is so dang catchy. Plus it's so fun to sing.

"0-100 / The Catch Up" Drake

I have such a soft spot for Drake. Even my signature quote, "Running on the treadmill and only eating salads!" is originally a Drake quote. This is his newest and goes out to all the haters, y'all.

"Dust in the Wind" Kansas

This is the first of the epic oldies on this playlist and one of the saddest. Still, a great driving and singing song, just try not to cry.

"Violence" Blink 182

No playlist is complete without some Blink 182. Also, best song to snap to ever.

"Spirit of the Radio" Rush

Another oldie, but goodie. My Dad and I are huge Rush fans. Lots of respect for the talent and sheer genius of this group.

"Angela Baker and My Obsession With Fire" Senses Fail

There's a few songs that I always listen to on the way to Tallahassee. Senses Fail's best album, Let It Enfold You, came out my freshman year in college and I was obsessed. I used to listen to the whole cd over and over while driving. I went through a weird existential crisis in college where different parts of my life were pulling at me. I was a sorority girl at the time, dancer for the FSU basketball team and serious blonde. While in my heart I was kind of a computer nerd and pop-punk fan girl. It was two worlds that didn't always mesh together well. Luckily, as I grew up I was able to bring them together more cohesively and really be myself in all parts of my life. But back then, my Senses Fail driving music was so therapeutic.

"Clairvoyant" The Story So Far

I am a lyrics person. This song sounds like it is such a beautiful love story, but if you really delve deep into what he's saying, it's apparent that it is a much more serious plot. I love a song that is more than what it seems. And I love this band. Hands down my favorite from Warped last summer, not just because Danny is absolutely fan girling over them most of the time, but because they can create magic like this. The more upbeat stuff ain't bad either.

"Speed Limit" Boyce Avenue

Gotta always give love to the YouTubers when I can. Plus, it says "Speed Limit" right in the song! What could be better for driving?!?

"Hold On We're Going Home" ASTR

Continuing with some amazing covers, this is originally by Drake, but I love this version just as much. This is obviously more for the ride home of the road trip, but can also just be a good song to cruise to.

"Slow Ride" Foghat

We have officially entered the "songs about actual driving" portion of this playlist. This is also a good one for my dad because he likes to harmonize the "SLOW RIDE, TAKE IT EASSSSSY" every time.

"Go Your Own Way" Fleetwood Mac

My dad actually named me after the guitarist for this band. That's why I have an 'E' instead of an 'A' in my name. Lindsey (how I spell it) is technically the masculine version of the name. Perfect for our little drive.

"Let It Be" The Beatles

It's not a good road trip playlist without at least one Beatles song. Any one of your favorites will do.

"Riptide" Vance Joy

Just a good little diddy.

"Indian Summer" Marlene

This damn song. I always have it stuck in my head. Especially the hey-ya, hey-yas in the chorus.

"Uma" Panama Wedding

I am weirdly obsessed with this song. I always feel like songs that could have been in the Lion King are my favorites. (Other examples: "Some Nights" Fun. and "Story of My Life" One Direction") This one is no different.

"I Never Knew You" Jason Mraz

Danny and I took a really long break once. Touring had gotten too crazy and we were having a hard time make things work. I had never been a huge Jason Mraz fan, but while Danny was on a European Tour that Spring, he had run into Jason doing a promotional tour for his new album, Love is a Four Letter Word. This song was on that album. I've brought up before the time when Danny texted me from Venice, Italy just saying simply, "that I would love it there" and that he thought I should listen to the new Jason Mraz album, specifically this song. It sparked our conversation again and brought us back together, stronger than ever. It's truly one of my favorite songs ever.

"Tell That Mick He Just Made My List of Things to do Today" Fall Out Boy

My absolute favorite Fall Out Boy song. The best sing-a-long ever.

"Take This to Heart" Mayday Parade

Gotta have a little Mayday for the ride. The last part of this song include the best coming home lyrics ever.

"I Gave Birth to the Twentieth Century" Desoto (aka We the Kings)

This is my favorite old school WTK song. This came out before they had a label, before touring, before everything and I still love it so much.

The Places You Have Come to Fear the Most Dashboard Confessional

I know this entire album front way, back ways, side ways. In fact, I enjoy turning off all the music in the car and just singing this album the entire way through... without ever turning the music on, or looking at the lyrics. Most everyone has always told me I was nuts for doing this and then, while we were in Seattle out to dinner after Vlogger Fair, Shay from the Shaytards mentioned that he also did this. It was official. I am crazy :)

Hopefully everyone can jam out a little and have a great day.

Much Love,