As a merchandiser for the store I work at (the creator of store displays), I am always looking for ways to make things look more appealing. It makes sense, if everything looks organized and pretty, people are more likely to buy it. I know the motivation behind what I do is supposed to be just that, but the reason I enjoy it is because I get to be creative. I've taken to trying to turn everyday things into little bits of art. I just feel like it makes everyday that little bit better.

photo (1)

This is a photo Danny in took in Seattle after I organized all my things on the table. He thinks I'm a weirdo for being so anal retentive, but then has to admit, it looks pretty cool. Plus this is a great example of pretty much the only things I need in life. Coffee, Camera, iPhone. photo

This is one of the pieces Gabi and I did for Shore yesterday. We found the wood piece at Sarasota Slavage, along with the non-working camera, old movie tin and shiny tile. I ordered the used book from Amazon. And the other pieces, empty Elvis record sleeve, mini radio and hawaiian tiki man, were all props we already had at Shore. I love creating things like this. I feel like it makes the displays more fun in the store. I also love transferring it into my own home. I definitely hope to do more little displays in my office as it gets organized. 

Hopefully this brought a little beauty and creativity to your day. In the end it's important to love what you and listen to your heart when choosing a career. Don't listen to what anyone says, if you really love it, keep doing it. Eventually amazing things will happen.

Much Love,