Days that end in a 'Y' can be tough sometimes. Especially days where work, or school or obligations are involved. For me, Tuesdays are particularly difficult. Mondays suck because well, it's Monday. But Tuesdays suck for a whole new set of reasons. Mondays usually fly by because I'm catching up on everything I missed during the weekend, i.e. emails, good times had, etc. But Tuesday is a dang stick in the mud. Wednesday you get the camel saying "HUMP DAAAAY", which I enjoy. Thursdays are basically Friday and Friday is Friday!!! Wawhoo! But, Tuesday... wet effing blanket. I decided the only way to combat the Tuesday Blues is to post a little motivation to get me through the day, and Motivational Tuesdays is born! So, here's to your Tuesdays being filled with fun things to get you through!!! Chill

The first Motivational Tuesday message is a reminder to chill the eff out. Enjoy the moment, and don't get ahead of yourself. I know I feel like time flies by so fast sometimes. Since we started vlogging everyday can turn into just another number really easily. We're always pushing to Day 250 or Day 300. I feel like it makes the days rush by, and sometimes I forget to relax and enjoy what's happening in the moment. I also tend to wish for the weekends. There's no point in pushing through five days that could be fun just to get to the two at the end of the week right? I also made sure to find a picture of the beach that I love so I won't feel so far away from my happy place while at work tomorrow. Hopefully this gives you a little motivation too, or at least a chuckle reading my logic.


Much Love Y'all,


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