Ah, the VMAs. An award show that no one really takes seriously, but shows up to if they have to promote something and feel like drinking that night. We've experienced them semi-closely, as Danny is apart of the music business, and while We the Kings has never been featured at one of the broadcasts, they have been apart of the parties in the background on occasion. 

The walk down a red carpet has to be kind of weird. It looks super glamorous on television, but that's because with clever camera angles, they cut out screaming fans, stressed out assistants, random people walking down the carpet that no one cares about, and other extraneous nonsense going on around the actual people being photographed. Does that mean I never want to be apart of something like this? Absolutely not. I would love to see a red carpet in person, even if I was just the stylist making someone look good. I already have my Mara Hoffman picked out!

With that in mind, I am not interested in critiquing people's outfits and calling out the best or worst dressed. I am more excited about highlighting the things I saw that I loved. So without further ado, here's my faves!


Victoria Justice in this awesome Lublu Kira Plastinina skirt! I am in love with this! It's such a badass look and she definitely pulls it off. This is the number one piece I want to own. I have absolutely no clue where I would actually be able to wear this, but I want it anyway. She killed it. I want it. 


Rita Ora oozes old Hollywood glam in this Donna Karen Atelier dress. It's sexy, but she keeps it classy with a little wardrobe tape here and there to make sure everything stays in place. I love her style, that she pushes boundaries and that she stays true to herself.


Kendall Jenner reminds us all that she's a legit, working model by rocking this jumpsuit/maybe shirt and pants with bra combo. I love it though. The high-waist elongates her already ridiculously long body. And the bra is sexy, but still pretty conservative considering she's covering all of her cleavage (nothing like her sister Kim). I love the Jenner sisters style. Usually over the top trendy, but still looking good. It helps to have a clothing budget of like a gajillion dollars. 


J.Lo looks fabulous in this crazy cut-out, high-slited, sequined number. I mean, she's J.Lo. She's perfection. 


tyler oakley vmas

And last but not least, I have to give a little YouTube love to the one and only Tyler Oakley. To the man who once told me in passing, "You're skin is absolutely glowing," I have to say that you sir, look fantastic in burgundy. I am always so proud when I see YouTubers killing it in the real world. Keep up the great work!


Alright y'all, off to take on my Monday! Much love,



I obviously did not attend the VMAs myself this year, and even if I did my pictures would not be nearly as fabulous. All photo credits go to The New York Daily News, except for Tyler's, which is from The Hollywood Reporter. 

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