My love for music is unending and therefore, forever evolving. I really loved doing my last Summertime Playlist post so I decided to do another one. I'm still really loving house and EDM, but since being on Warped Tour, some old favorites have been making their rounds in my Spotify again. It's a good mix. Here are some of my favorites:

"White Noise (HudMo Remix)" Disclosure

I'm still ridiculously obsessed with the Disclosure Settle The Remixes. This is an ongoing love affair I don't see dwindling anytime soon. I find a new favorite weekly, play it into the ground and then pick a new one the next week. It's fun to hear the different of the songs and follow the different interpretations. I am becoming a full on EDM enthusiast. If you would have told me that a year ago, I would have laughed because I really used to hate it. I love how much it has evolved though. It's not just Skrillex and weird noises anymore. It's really good music and definitely bleeding over into the pop category. Love it.

"Ambling Alp" Yeasayer

This band is weird in the best ways. This has a catchy chorus and somehow incorporated the lyrics "formidable foe". Props for getting all those syllables to fit and make sense. They also sing part of the bridge in falsetto and somehow, still keep me listening. I just really appreciate the work that went into this song.


What's with the V instead of U in band names right now? This definitely isn't the first time I've seen it this summer. I interpret this song as the girl threatening her boyfriend that if he breaks up with her she will be a "thorn in your side till you die". Mega bitch move, but you tell 'me girl. There are also the lyrics, "We are... What the fuck were you thinking," which always makes me sing it really loud and then laugh. I want to see a lot more of this band in the future.

"Wake Me Up" Madilyn Bailey

This song, in all of reincarnations, never gets old. This is the most beautiful and poignant version. I also have annoyed many the car passengers while I sang this at the top of my lungs.

Hunter Hayes

It makes me cry every tiiiiiime :)

"I Feel Alive" We the Kings

This song has been the most fun to watch during this tour. Trav does an awesome job of getting the crowd involved. So fun to see from the stage.

"Wasting Time (Eternal Sunner)" Four Year Strong

"Maniac (R.O.D.)" Four Year Strong

This band is hands down my favorite on Warped, other than We the Kings. I wish the best for them. There are so many great songs, but I put the videos of the best ones for a summer playlist. Feel free to grow a beard and scream along.

"Chasing Hearts (Featuring Tyler Carter)" Breathe Carolina This band toured last summer with We the Kings so I got to see them a lot. It's fun to see how they've grown into more of an electronic sound. They play at Tao in Vegas once a month, which is pretty exciting, not to mention, lucrative for them. They should be everyone's guiltiest pleasure.

"Wiggle (featuring Snoop Dogg)" Jason Derulo YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH THAT BIG FAT BUTT! The Shore girls are unhealthily obsessed with this song. If you haven't seen it yet, the Vine of the stripper playing the clarinet is the best version of this song.

Alright y'all. Much love and until next time,